Monday, June 07, 2010

Once again, Doug Ross nails it...

Nicholas Kristof Channels Julius Streicher

If The New York Times is employing Nicholas Kristof to write pure unvarnished satire, they're definitely getting their money's worth. Unfortunately for them, they still think he's a serious opinion columnist, which pretty much describes the state of the newspaper business. If you're wondering why proxies for the Constitutionally-challenged administration -- in this case, the FTC -- are bandying about a bailout of newspapers, you can chalk it up to turds like Kristof.

His latest excretion would be laughable if the propaganda weren't so eerily reminiscent of Julius Streicher.

When reports first circulated on Twitter of a deadly attack by Israeli commandos on the Gaza flotilla, I didn’t forward them because they seemed implausible. I thought: Israel wouldn’t be so obtuse as to use lethal force on self-described peace activists* in international waters with scores of reporters watching.

* Peace activists pictured above.

Notice how Kristof uses a completely skewed lens through which to view the events. The reporters were members of a pre-positioned Al Jazeera propaganda team; the activists on the sixth boat were Turkish extremists aligned with Islamist terror groups; and the Israelis were armed with paintball guns as their primary weapons.

No matter.

...[Israel] lashes out with force in ways that undermine its own interests. It is on a path that could eventually be catastrophic.

Lashes out.

After being beaten by "humanitarian peace activists" with sharpened iron pipes, stabbed with knives, and shot, Israeli forces saved their own lives by popping a few caps into some terrorists.

In fact, the humanitarian greeting party had equipped themselves with nooses so they could hang the Israelis until they were dead.

No matter.

There’s no question that Israel faces existential threats. That should make its leaders focused above all on two things: an Arab-Israeli treaty and pressure on Iran to drop its nuclear program.

Oh, gee -- you mean like waiting several f***ing decades for the international community to do something about the terrorists in Iran? What a great f***ing idea! Why didn't Obama think of that?

Israel could also cultivate Turkey, a central player in the effort to press Iran. Instead, Israel’s storming of a Turkish-flagged vessel in international waters was a huge setback to efforts to win new sanctions on Iran.

This paragraph has convinced me that were someone to perform an MRI* on Nicholas Kristof's cranium, they would discover 100% pure fecal matter.

* After waiting the mandatory nine months under DemCare, that is.

Now, I'm not a "pro journalist" like Nick, but even I know that Turkey has a freaking Islamist government that's about as open to negotiating with Israel as Bill Keller is to hiring AllahPundit as a Dowd replacement.

No matter.

Israel is also antagonizing its support base in the United States, which is critical to protect it from those existential threats.

Perhaps if the entire legacy media complex and the leftist blogosphere weren't busily heaving Streicher-esque propaganda from Al-Jazeera at the electorate, there wouldn't be as many "inflamed" members of the base. As it is, conservatives appear to be the only staunch defenders of our strongest ally in the Middle East.

No matter.

Israel’s hard-line policies are depleting America’s international political capital as well as its own.

The Kristof definition of 'hard-line': trying to prevent Hamas from importing rockets that target civilians with random bursts of brutality.

No other country would put up with the s*** that Israel puts up with. And yet Kristof calls them 'hard-line'.

No matter.

When you visit Gaza, you see that the siege has accomplished nothing — except to devastate the lives of 1.5 million ordinary Gazans. Gisha, an Israeli human rights organization, has compiled a list of goods that Israel typically blocks from Gaza: notebooks, blank paper, writing utensils, coriander, chocolate, fishing rods, and countless more. That’s not security; that’s a travesty.

Yes, there's quite a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

In fact, Kristof never bothers to ask why the hell is Egypt blockading its border with Gaza?

Why is Egypt preventing free trade with its Arab brothers and sisters in Gaza?

Why is Egypt instigating this vast "humanitarian crisis" by sealing the border with Gaza?

No matter.

President Obama needs to find his voice and push hard for an end to the Gaza blockade. He needs to talk sense to Israel and encourage it to back away from its plans to intercept other flotillas now headed for Gaza — that would be a catastrophe for Israel and America alike.

Above all, he needs to nudge Israel away from its tendency to shoot itself in the foot, and us along with it.

Either Kristof is a propagandist in the style of Leni Riefenstahl and Julius Streicher -- or he has all of the analytical skills of dessicated sheep s***.

Because when it comes to Kristof -- or the Times -- facts, logic and reason don't matter.

Hacks like this will need a hell of a lot more than the FTC to bail out this much stupid.

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