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The Case Against the Ground Zero Mosque

I apologize for not writing over the past couple of weeks. Sometimes, life happens and my attention to my writing is just not available. For the three of you who look forward to my posts (I think I'm being optimistic here), my immediate future plans will also keep me away from my blog. So please, bear with me over the next few weeks and I think my writing will start up again then.

And now to the topic....

A lot has been written and said about the plan to build a community center/Mosque near ground zero, in Manhattan. While the left, as well as Mayor Bloomberg (who really has never been confused with being a conservative) have no problem with it, many of us - and not all on the right side of the aisle - do.

What I find sad is that many who do not oppose the project, feel compelled to attack those if us who are opposed as being Islamophobic and racist. Over the weekend, Time magazine's Joe Klein strongly condemned ADL Director Abe Foxman because the Foxman came out against the building of the Islamic Center.

In a Sunday morning blog post Klein condemned Foxman for being "intolerant." But like all good leftists, Klein did not bother to investigate why the ADL opposes the Mosque. As usual, he simply assumes the worst because, I figure, that's how he thinks.

But the reason Foxman opposes the center is not because he doesn't believe Muslims have a right to worship where they want, but because it is a slap in the face to the 9/11 community, who strongly oppose it. Here is the ADL announcement:

The Anti-Defamation League said it rejects any opposition to the center based on bigotry and acknowledged that the group behind the plan, the Cordoba Initiative, has the legal right to build at the site. But the ADL said "some legitimate questions have been raised" about funding and possible ties with "groups whose ideologies stand in contradiction to our shared values."

"Ultimately this is not a question of rights, but a question of what is right," the ADL said in a statement. "In our judgment, building an Islamic center in the shadow of the World Trade Center will cause some victims more pain - unnecessarily - and that is not right."

These are two very legitimate concerns. But Klein doesn't answer these questions. Instead, he assumes that anyone who is against this "cultural center" must be a bigot. Why? Because he disagrees with anyone who opposes it and again, as we have been seeing time and again, liberals are never tolerant of the views of those on the right (or in Foxman's case, not left).

The same can be said for the left's strong dislike of Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration laws. It can't be that the right likes this law because ILLEGAL immigration is ILLEGAL.

Of course not. The only possible reason has to be that the right hates Mexicans. Forget about the fact that no one on the right oppose LEGAL immigration from Mexico. That doesn't matter.

As far as the "Cultural Center" is concerned, I have three issues with it:

1. Because of the proximity to the place where Islamic terrorists killed 3,000 Americans, in the name of Islam, the idea of building a place of worship for those who follow this "religion" is a real smack in the face to those who not only lost their lives that day, but those they left behind.

2. As the ADL points out, the funding if this center is very questionable. The head of this center has direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, who are strict adherents to the very strain of Islam that brought the towers down. Furthermore, the Brotherhood is recognized worldwide as a terror organization and a supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah.

3. Islam has, over the centuries, used symbolism in all their conquests. When they conquered Jerusalem, they built the Dome of the Rock (Mosque of Omar) on top of the Jewish Temple's ruins. The conversion of the former Byzantine basilica Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey as “Exhibit B” in the symbolism of Islamic conquest. In both instances, the mosques are perceived in the world of Islam as iconic symbols of victory over a beaten, subservient populace. Their importance in Islamic history and current significance relative to the stated objectives of Islam to dominate rather than coexist cannot be overstated, but is unfortunately overlooked or characterized as irrational hyperbole. Such oversight has always had longstanding adverse consequences to nations and their people who have failed to learn from history - (Douglas Hagmann).

All you need for proof is the name of this new Islamic Center - Cordoba House. Cordoba was, of course, the seat of the caliphate established in what is now modern Spain after the Islamic invasion from North Africa in the 8th century A.D. The medieval occupation of Spain – “al-Andalus” – is considered by Islamic theorists to have been an inevitable step in the manifest destiny of Islam, and its eventual reversal through the lengthy European “Reconquista” a tragic but temporary triumph of the infidels. The great mosque at Cordoba was built on the foundation of a Christian cathedral, and when Europeans retook Cordoba in the 13th century they turned the magnificent mosque back into a cathedral (Hot Air).

In addition, I have a question for of those who feel this center is a good idea?

Why? Why does it have to be right where it is? There is no shortage of land to build another Mosque in New York. Furthermore, does it not strike you as insulting that the dedication of this center is on September 11, 2011 - exactly 10 years from the day the towers fell?

I've heard the argument that opposing this center goes against American values? Really? Has there never been an instance where a Church, or a synagogue have been denied? Are there no zoning laws in this country? How about if the Japanese built a cultural center in Honolulu, a few years after Pearl Harbor? Would that be okay? Perhaps, Neo-Nazis should build a cultural center next to Auschwitz. Would that be allowed?

The very fact is that this that many of those in support of this cultural center have no idea what it represents. They are so crippled by political correctness that they can not stop tripping over themselves to prove they aren't "Islamophobic." All the while, those who wish nothing but our submission are laughing themselves silly over our self-destruction.

The madness has to stop and the lines need to be drawn already. If a majority of New Yorkers were for this center, then I would simply say they get what they deserve. But this isn't the case. Overwhelmingly, they are against this travesty and our political elite are once again ruling against the wishes of the very people they have sworn to represent.

This too must end. And it must end now.

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Top Twenty Lists said...

I really appreciate your post. However, tell me something...if a person dies in a car crash...will it be right for the person's family to get people to stop buying cars in that area just because it might be a painful memory? If they don't want the car...FINE...their choice but imposing things on other based on their own emotions would be incorrect. Similarly...if an Islamic center in the area will disturb these people, they can NOT look at it OR not go there. I think that makes sense.

My second point is...we have more than enough PROOF (unlike the former US President) that Muslims had no hand in the 9/11 attack. Some people...(muslims and non-muslims) do support that attack due to their hatred for America (which BTW...i believe is wrong) but based on proof one should realize that muslims didn't have any part in this tragedy. If you want...I can provide you proofs and not just conspiracy theories..actual facts.

There are key people, in key positions, controlling what happens where and why. CNN or FOX news said that it was the muslims and people believed them!!! Why would they lie?? Well that's a whole new chapter. AGAIN...i can provide facts.

What we need is for people to be open-minded from both sides...not just their own.

What I do agree with in your post is that if there are other locations and there are no constraints e.g. laws, commute or budgetary, for building an Islamic center then it is best (in order to keep a smooth environment) to build it else where. If the islamic center is built forcefully...I believe people will build up more hatred against the center rather than accept it.

I hope I have not offended anyone reading this. If I did, I do apologize as it was not intended to be so.