Sunday, January 16, 2011

From Rodger...

The 11 Most Ludicrous Free Passes Given to The Obamas

"One of the most infuriating events in the last few years for conservatives is surprisingly not the election of Barack Obama. What burns conservatives most of all is the refusal of the journalistic community to do its job where Obama is involved. Historically, the American press tends to be hard on a sitting president and the American people expect it. This keeps everybody honest. Never have we witnessed the media so willing to forgo its purpose for the advancement of one man." Megyn Fox

Boned Jello
11. The Most Ethical and Transparent Government In History
Obama promised to deliver the most transparent government the world has ever seen.

10. Lobbyists for me but not for thee…
When Obama was on the campaign trail he had a lot of tough words for evil lobbyists.

9. No interest in Obama’s history, plenty of interest in his “historical significance”
Short of repeating, verbatim, Obama’s two autobiographies (seriously, who writes two autobiographies before the age of 50) the Obama-loving media showed no interest in Obama’s history, Chicago connections, or experience.

Boned Jello
8. Occidental College, Columbia College and Harvard grades…still sealed
I can only guess that Obama was a terrible student with all the effort that has gone into sealing his educational records. The press had a field day skewing George W. Bush for getting Cs.

7. The President’s Security Blankie
President Obama, the man they said was the greatest speaker of all time has a curious quirk.

6. Michelle O No!
Many years ago there lived an Emperor, who was so excessively fond of grand new clothes that he spent all his money upon them, that he might be very fine.

Boned Jello
5. Verbal Gaffes
I will never forget when Dan Quayle misspelled “potato” in a school classroom.

4. Excessive Vacations
The press went wild reporting on Bush’s many “vacations.”

3. Encouraging Racism
Far from becoming the Great Uniter between the races,

2. From a Tiny ACORN Grows a Giant Tree of Corruption
This might be the worst of the events linked to Obama that the networks ignored until the last possible minute

1. Dismal Response Time
From the very beginning, Obama has been an absent executive

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