Sunday, June 26, 2011

I don't know when, or even if I'll blog again. But I didn't want my last post (assuming it is the last post) to be such a downer. It's taken awhile - 7 months to be exact - to move on from what had hurt me and now that I'm moving forward I thought I would just let you know.

Chances are, I will write again. After all, we're just 17 months away from (hopefully) a new President and there is much to talk about there. Also, I'm hopeful the NFL strike/lockout will be over in time for the season to begin again and while they aren't playing great, my Texas Rangers are in first place.

Of course, you needn't get me started on the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks!

There is the creeping Sharia moving in America, the porous border in Mexico and, of course with that, the whole "gunrunner" scandal that had it been during a Republican administration, the news networks (aside from FOX) would be screaming about.

No, there is far too much not to blog again. But while I am ready to put past issues behind me, I'm just not yet ready to write consistently. It's funny, though. I usually am more prolific when I'm the least happy. But this was a very tough stretch for me and it made me not want to create anything. Now that I'm feeling much happier, the desire to write has started to come back.

Go figure.

Well, that's all for now.

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