Monday, March 05, 2012

A few weeks ago, the White House released a video attempting to point out how committed Obama has been to the State of Israel and how strongly he feels about protesting the only true democracy in the Middle East. Sadly, the video was nothing more than a propaganda show in the hope to solidify his support among American Jews.

As Caroline Glick stated, "On the whole it was an obscene production. What can Binyamin Netanyahu or any other Israeli official say other than that Obama is a great friend of Israel? We have to face the dismal fact that Obama may remain in the White House until 2017. No Israeli official can afford to say openly what they think of this man."

In response, to coincide with Obama's speech to AIPAC (which was also chock full of half-truths and coverups), the Emergency Committee for Israel, a super PAK formed by Bill Kristol, Gary Bauer and Rachel Abrams, created a 30-minute video exposing the true relationship President Obama has with the Jewish state. Of course, those Jews who are so ideologically bound to liberalism will object and call this right-wing propaganda. But anyone who has followed the past three years and watches this with an open mind, will see that the contents of this video are 100% true and honest. It's very hard to lie when it's your own words coming back to haunt you.

Sadly, the majority of American Jews place their liberalism before their Judaism. The outcome of that fact is why so many liberal Jews blindly support the Democrat Party. Israel, however, can not take a chance that Obama does not mean what he says. There are many reasons why we need a real change in leadership in this country. Supporting the democracy of tiny Israel - against the overwhelming forces of radical Islam - is just one of those priorities. However, as goes Israel, goes America. The two countries share the same enemies and are both targeted by the abolitionists of the Islamic world. For there to ever be peace in the Middle East, we must have a President who understands the difference between good and evil and supports good over evil every time. This video brings to light both how naive Obama is, and how dangerous his re-election would be.

I urge every Jew and friend of Israel to watch this 30-minute video:

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