Thursday, August 30, 2012

Racists - Here, There and Everywhere!

Yes, I know it's been a long time since I last posted. I have recovered very nicely from my knee-replacement surgery (although it will be at least 8-10 more months before it';s fully healed). However, a serious back problem re-emerged during my recovery and has once again laid me up off my feet. I had a lower back fusion about 12 years ago and I had hoped that would be the end of my back problems (that had been going on for 20 years prior).

Apparently, because arthritis developed where the fusion was, I was never totally pain-free. But it was livable and while I wasn't playing sports anymore, I was walking without a cane. 

But something happened that they didn't tell me about when I had that surgery years ago. It seems that when you fuse your disks together, the disks above and below the fusion start taking on added stress. Well, that happened to me and eventually, one of them herniated, causing terrible sciatica (pinched nerve) that at times is excruciating.

This morning, I went for an MRI to determine the extent of damage and decide the next step. My hope is that having nerve blocking injections will at least give me some relief, at least for the short term. It is possible that I will require a diskectomy, which is an arthroscopic procedure to remove the herniated part of the disk, which is pinching the nerve. I'm not sure if I could even have another fusion, even if I wanted one. I'd be too afraid that it could cost me my ability to walk.

So time will tell and in the mean time, the drugs work well to keep me comfortable.


"If you're hearing dog whistles, perhaps you're the dog." - James Taranto

I have been making a conscious effort over the past few months to not express any strong political opinions while on Facebook. I think I've done a decent job. But I have to say it get's very tiring when guys like Chris Matthews (and the rest of the MSNBC crowd) call everything any conservative says "racist." I mean, last night Mr. Matthews even went so far as saying the GOP wants to bring back slavery! Seriously, Chris? You call that serious opinion? I will repeat, just because we are not supporting the re-election of Barack Obama, that doesn't automatically mean we want to own slaves.

I've stopped watching political commentary shows because they are people who simply want to bring in the biggest ratings. Whether it be on FOX, where I often agree, or on MSNBC, CNN or any of the major networks. It seems to me, and I've been a political junkee for 30+ years, that the bias shown on the non-FOX channels has gotten much, much worse. Or maybe I feel this way because it's never been so obvious before.

Yes, I know all about the way Walter Cronkite did great damage to this country during the Vietnam War because of his deep, leftist bias. The "most trusted man in America" had an unbelievable grip on the American psyche because there wasn't anyone powerful enough to call him on is biases.

But whatever Cronkite can be accused of, he certainly wasn't hyperbolic. There was a reason so many people trusted him. He seemed honest in his convictions and while he may have given you reason to disagree with him, he never belittled you for being whoever you were. When I listen to Matthews, and the rest of the MSNBC lineup, I often wonder if even THEY believe what they're saying!

This does not include Al Sharpton, simply because I don't think most people understand a word he says. However, the fact that any network - certainly one that wants to be taken seriously - would hire a race-hustling, anti-Semitic rabble-rouser like Rev. Al, leads me to believe MSNBC could care less about quality, and instead want to be seen as the "Jerry Springer" of news.

There are websites devoted to outing the outrageous commentary of these people. The best of which is But even there, there are times when they seem too eager to chastise someone for doing something the right does as well. Make no mistake, there are bloviators on both sides of the spectrum. But there is nothing as obscene as what has been happening lately with Matthews. He seems to be in serious need of psychological help.

There are others on that network I strongly disagree with. Not only their opinions, but the way they express them. However, these people - Ed Schultz comes to mind - are obviously dealing with penis-envy. They are just like little yapping dogs biting at the feet of the big dogs, and they do this to get noticed. As they continue down the path of insignificance, their bark gets louder and louder and don't stop until they've exhausted what little talent and followers they once had.

But Matthews was a big dog and his decent to madness is sad. What's even more sad is that MSNBC is allowing it to continue because it brings in viewers (although not many, based on the latest Neilson totals). Rather than allowing him to froth and rave and make disgusting, bombastic comments, the network should start interviewing psychiatric facilities where he can do no damage to others.

And it's beyond the commentaries. Matthews has become little more than a bully and an embarrassment to his network, and to broadcast journalism in general. As a strong proponent of free-speech, I do not want to silence the left, nor do I want to impede on their right to say whatever the hell they want. But watching Chris Matthews as his head explodes in righteous indignation is not "must-see" television and simply continues our media's descent into meaningless drivel.

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