Sunday, October 28, 2012

Things In My Brain Today

In the 1970s, when I really started following the Dallas Cowboys, it seemed whenever a miracle was needed to pull out the game, the great Roger Staubach would say a "hail mary" and poof - there it was. While that seemed to happened all the time, there were games that were just not be victories (Super bowls X and XIII come to mind). But far more often than not - even into the mid '80s (with Danny White at the helm), it happened. At the time, I recall how many football fans hated the Cowboys because they seemed to find a way to win in the end.

But ever since they last won a Super Bowl (in 1995), it seems that not only do they not get that lucky play ever so often, they instead seem to be never getting that win fro the jaws of defeat. It appears that for the past 17 seasons, whatever can go wrong will go wrong. For those of us spoiled by the arrogance and overwhelming success (prior to '95), it's a tough pill to swallow. Especially in a town that lost the last two World Series', even when they were just one strike away - twice - from winning it all.

The answer is complicated. For one thing, very little really separates one team from another. Every year it appears some different team shines that wasn't supposed to. Whether by luck, scheduling or some miracle play, a team can either be 6-10 or 10-6 due to a stupid penalty or missed completion or some other boneheaded mistake. In theory, the good teams overcome these mistakes. As for the Cowboys, they have some great players, but they are a terribly dumb team that does not learn from their mistakes. As long as they have a coach and a general manager who accepts mediocrity, they will never be anything but mediocre.


I understand that the country pretty much divided between the left and the right politically. For the most part, I can accept that. What I can not accept are those who blindly promote a candidate without having a clue as to why. I was watching a late night show the other night (Jimmy Kimmel) and he sent out someone to ask which First Lady - Michelle Obama or Ann Romney - won the FLOTUS debate the night before. Now of course, there was, nor has there ever been a debate between the candidate's wives. But most of these people who were interviewed sounded so certain that their choice won that they even claimed to remember some of the things the ladies said.

Another interview dome was at a university campus (can't recall with one, but it was a major state university. This time, they asked college students and teachers who they support. However, when asking the questions, the interviewer switched the platforms of the parties. For example, he asked one couple who was wearing matching Obama buttons if it bothers them that Romney has not had a defense briefing in 8 months and then lied to cover up what happened in Benghazi?

His response was that it was despicable and proof Romney is not capable of handling the job of President. The woman who was with him said she had no idea what Benghazi is. When told he made a mistake and it was actually Obama ho hadn't had a briefing and Obama was is covering it all up, his reaction was that the interviewer was lying and from "what I hear" Benghazi is just a right wing distraction.

Why is it always a "right wing" distraction when it's negative about a Democrat, but a huge scandal when it's negative about the Republican? Does anyone remember when the left went nuts over what they claimed was the outing of Valerie Plume? even though it turned out to be Richard Armitage who outed her (she wasn't even classified), the NY Times ran the story on the front page for weeks. Yet we have what appears to be a massive cover up, where an Ambassador and 3 soldiers are killed in a terror attack on the anniversary of 9/11 - something the Situation Room watched IN REAL TIME as it happened, and not only were the rescuers available to help them, they told to stand down.

The President knew within an hour what happened. Instead of acting as a President should, he flew off to a fundraiser in Las Vegas. Within the next 5 days, Ambassador Susan Rice, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton AND President Obama went in front live audiences (including at a speech the President made at the UN) and blamed it on a You Tube video no one saw. It was 9 days longer before the President admitted it was in fact NOT caused by a video and was in fact a terrorist attack.

Hillary even lied straight to the face of one of the dead soldier's father when at the funeral she pledged to arrest the guy who shot the stupid video. Sadly for America, and her believe in free speech, it wasn't a day later that they arrested the film maker on some technicality.

And now we are over a month past the attack, and only bloggers and FOX News is even mentioning the attack. Brian Williams had a perfect opportunity to at least ask the president a simple question about it. Yet his desire for an Obama victory has forced his mouth shut. You have to believe that if Watergate was done by a Democratic President, Woodward and Bernstein would have never become famous.

As much as I truly want to blame the whole fiasco on the inept and incompetent President, the sad reality is that without the mainstream press covering up for every word and deed Obama does, he wouldn't get away with anything.

I'm not looking for any favors from the press. Just that they play by the same rules. A free independent relies on it too much for it to be so biased.


So the election is in 9 days and both sides are spinning so hard it's making me dizzy. But I have to say Romney's strategy to take the high road in the last debate really has changed the outlook of the race. Romney has decided to expose the President for being who is already is, but the media had well hidden. Obama's actions these past couple of weeks speak of a man who is desperate and is throwing mud at the wall hoping something sticks. But the more mud he flings, the dirtier he becomes. Four years ago, Obama spoke about hope and bringing everyone together. Well, the last 3+ years have shown just the opposite. But even though many in the press still swoon in his presence, Romney has forced Obama to abandon the charade. That's why Obama is using the term "Romnesia" and putting out creepy videos of children singing for Der Leader, or promising that voting for Obama is better than sex.

When Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter in 1980, you could see the contrast in the way the two behaved in office. Carter was a southern good 'ol boy, while the Reagan's exuded class and style. Around the world, that spoke for American strength. They brought honor and respect to the While House, which in turn gave off an aura of professionalism and power.

Under the Obama's, respect for the job and the office has completely disappeared. From the pictures of Obama with his feet parked on the President's desk to the ads that attract the animal desires of the people, Obama does not make up rise as a people. He may be "cool" and "dreamy," but he's also shallow and empty. No matter how badly the left wing elite wish to portray Mrs. Obama has the style icon of America, she's not Jackie O. In fact, when it comes to style and grace, she's no Laura Bush (or even Barbara Bush, either). Michelle Obama would truly not cause me a moments concern had it not been for all the undeserved adulation she receives. Does anybody truly believe that had her husband not won the election anyone would gave a crap about her fashion sense?


I have a lot of friends and family living right in the path of Hurricane Sandy and my thoughts and prayers are with them. As someone one has been in multiple hurricanes - including two of the worst in Andrew and Camille - I know enough not to take it lightly. Aside from the heavy winds and flooding, often times the power will be out for days, meaning no air conditioning, so charging cell phones. Also, at least in Hurricane Andrew, we had no running water for weeks. It was a huge and uncomfortable mess - especially for children. I reckon it's too late to fly or drive away somewhere out of Sandy's path. But even if the worst doesn't hit you head on, there is still plenty to watch out for.

As for me, I am getting a second epidural injection Tuesday and if I improve another 20% I suppose I should be grateful, But enough is really enough and I am so tired of not being able to go up and down stairs at will, or even just walking more than 10 feet with out pain. This has all cost me my job, the quality of time I spend with my kids and any chance at meeting someone special. After all, not many women want a guy who can't walk and has no money. Am I right?

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