Sunday, May 19, 2013

What's New?

Now that I've been home for 5 days already, it's time to start moving on with life. The first few days were difficult because I really felt like I was hit by a truck. I'm guessing I felt that way because I started using muscles I had long ignored. Another reason was that while in the nursing home, I was on Dilauded IV push anywhere from 2-4 times a day. So any serious pain I was in was eased by the drug. Once they removed my pick line, and therefore unable to receive the IV push, the pain was no longer mollified and so I suffered. I'm still in far more pain than I would like to be in. But I am able to take Norco and Dilauded (pill form). Neither does the job the IV push did, though.

There is so much going on in the news and sports that I'm not sure where to begin. After the November election, I decided to take a break from political commentary because I was so disillusioned by the American electorate. I was surprised the President won reelection so handily. But as these latest scandals attest, his election really was tainted and should never have happened. I'm not so hyperbolic as to say this latest scandal - about the IRS and spying on the AP journalists - is the greatest scandal in American history. But it certainly ranks up there. And if this were the only scandal I think the media would forgive Obama. After all, they are the reason he was elected and they are not about to turn on him over one scandal.

But there is more than one and there is also a huge question that must be answered. With every controversy, President Obama defended himself by pleading ignorance and the media accepted his answer without consternation. For example, conservatives questioned the relationship Obama has had with William Ayers, who was a member of the Weather Underground back in the late 60's. Another example is the relationship Obama has had with his pastor, Reverend Wright. Wright is a very controversial character who has made anti-American and anti-Semitic statements from his pulpit. Obama's excuse was that in the 20+ years he attended Wright's church, he never heard these negative comments. Of course, the likelihood of that is below nil. But the press considered any questions of the sort to be out of bounds.

Other examples are Benghazi, the other IRS scandal regarding the targeting of conservatives and Fast and Furious. In each case, the press accepted the President's ignorance of the events as gospel. Considering how they went after George Bush with both barrels firing, the least they could do is report the news of these issues. However, many of these topics were ignored by the non-FOX media until (in some cases) they could no longer ignore them.

Let me ask you a question; why was Watergate such a terrible scandal? Because the President lied about what he knew. Lying was also the reason Bill Clinton was impeached. Will the press go after Obama with the same zeal to investigate if the President is lying? While it is comforting to see some in the media coming forward with questions for the administration, does anyone truly believe they will call for impeachment, should Obama be proven more involved than he is letting on?

And if he is innocent of all the charges the right is laying at the President's feet, what does that say about the President's competence as head of the government? Harry Truman famously said, "The buck stops here." Does President Obama feel the same way? If not, why not?


We are now 1/4 of the way thru the 2013 baseball season and my Texas Rangers have the best record in Major League Baseball. In fact, after 42 games, Texas has won more games than any Rangers team ever has. Considering the pundits all saying the Los Angeles Angels and Oakland A's had moved past Texas - predicting a 3rd place finish - I'm duly impressed. During the off-season, Texas lost slugger Josh Hamilton, catcher Mike Napoli, pitchers Koji Uehara and Mike Adams and veteran Michael Young. All vital pieces to their two World Series' teams. Although they added Lance Berkman and A.J. Pierzynski, both players are in their late 30s. In Berkman's case, he missed the majority of the previous season due to injuries.

This season, however, the strength of the team is pitching - which is very un-Texas Rangers-like. The starting pitching has been outstanding. The odd think about that is they lost 3 starters to injury and are going with two rookies in their rotation. The relief pitchers have been even more impressive, with two of them with ERA under 0.50 - which is beyond excellent.

Now I don't expect the A's, Angels, Mariners or Astros to just lay down and let Texas run away with the division. However, unless they figure out a way to be anything but mediocre, they won't catch the Rangers. I really didn't expect Texas to be as much fun to watch this year - especially given the way they failed down the stretch a year ago. But they are.

I'm still looking forward to football season. But that's less because of the Cowboys chances and more because I love watching football. I'm optimistic about the Cowboys - more than I was a year ago. But as long as Jerry Jones is the GM, my optimism will be tempered.


Well, this is enough for post #2. I still tire out while typing, so my posts will not be consistent. But I hope to write at least once or twice a week for now.


Sherry Crocker said...

I am glad you are writing again. :)


Echoing Sherry, I am glad to see you putting your thoughts down here once again. And regarding those thoughts of the political stripe, having made the trek over the past couple of weeks through the usual obfuscating rhetoric and ranting from both sides I also find myself wondering whether the buck stops at Obama's desk these days or not. Perhaps our presidents should not be permitted to run for a second term, given that every such term won during the TV age has been laden with blown hopes and promises, distraction, scandal, gridlock, and useless controversy.

So how 'bout them Rangers? For a light, AL-brand baseball team, they really are putting it out on the line this year! :-) Truth be told, and considering the Cubs play so far in '13, I truly hope the Rangers and the A's take it all the way to the season's final day (and perhaps beyond that) as otherwise my MLB season will end on 8-September (Go Jints!).

Keep the juice coming, Shayne. As a vet of mine once said regarding a favorite cat, you "still have plenty of stories to tell"!

Shayne said...

Thank you both for your good wishes. K, I always believed the President should serve one 6-year term. That way, he has the time to fulfill his agenda and not spend the last year of the first term running for reelection. But like many things in the US, tradition plays a large role and it's not likely to change.