Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sorry, but no top ten list today. I'm recovering from some minor surgery on my arm and I've not had the ability to research and post a list for this week. As you should know (if you follow this blog), I have been on dialysis for 9 months. To get access to my blood, I have a temporary dialysis port in my right shoulder. The key word being "temporary." I've already have had to have the port reopened 4 separate times.

Ideally, a permanent port would be implanted soon after dialysis starts. However, due to the many complications and illnesses I've dealt with over the past year, I've not been able to have a permanent line in. The surgery is called AV Fistula surgery, which combines an artery (A) with a vein (V). After the surgery is done (mine was done last Thursday), it then takes 2-4 months for the fistula to mature and be of any use. At that point, they will finally remove the catheter in my shoulder.

The surgery took about 2 hours and I was knocked out for all of it. But the result was a black, blue and bloodied arm that even now is throbbing. But it is hurting less than yesterday.

Hopefully, I'll get back to writing a top ten chart later this week. Thanks for your patience.