Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I haven't written anything lately due to frustration. I'm frustrated with the dismissiveness that our President has for anything important, I'm frustrated by the lack of interest our media has (unless it's some useless former congressman's twitter pics), I'm frustrated by John Kerry's wasteful trips to the Middle East, to once again force Israel to capitulate to a supposed peace partner that wants me dead.

I'm frustrated by a great many things lately. I'm over-frustrated by my constant body aches and gout. I'm tired of dialysis and the fact I hurt after 3 hours on the chair. I'm frustrated with having to count every penny spent to make sure I don't overdraft my account. And I'm frustrated that I still have to wear this horrible colostomy bag for as long as I'm on blood thinners (which make me bruise, causing more aches and pains).

Until yesterday I was very frustrated at my favorite baseball team (the Texas Rangers). But they finally won last night and are winning tonight. Still, they blew a 10 game lead and are ow 6 games behind Oakland - a team that seemingly can't lose.

All in all, I'm dealing with a great deal - whether it be physically, financially, socially or politically. Sometimes it helps to write about it and sometimes it just leaves me raw. After 50 years on this earth nothing seems to make a lot of sense and things that I used to rely on just aren't working out the way I expected.

So that's why I've not written.

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