Sunday, July 07, 2013

This and That

If it were up to me, I would be relieved to discover Secretary of State Kerry was on his yacht when the Egyptian revolution took place. The farther from the scene the less likely his incompetence will show.

What does amaze me about the Kerry kerfuffle is how ridiculous a lie this was. No one bemoans Kerry for yachting. He can do whatever relaxes him, which is why you won't hear me criticize the well over 100 round of golf President Obama plays. So why lie about it - especially when it was so easily proven a lie?

To me it just shows how the Obama administration's fall back position is always to lie. There is no wonder why this presidency is mired with such cynicism.


Excuse me, but how is enhancing safety precautions during abortions the "road back to Jim Crow?"

I was just 5 years old when MLK was assassinated. However, I do remember the "coloreds only" signs at the Woolworth lunch counters and I recall vividly the race riots throughout 1968-70. What transpired against black people was far, far worse than this silly debate about same-sex marriage. No one is being lynched because of who they wish to have a license to marry. No one is disappearing and no one is being hosed down.

I have no horse in this race, being that I'm a heterosexual male. As far as I'm concerned, anyone can marry whoever they please. But the idea that it is a biblically approved union is simply dumb. 5,000 years of tradition does stand for something. You want to be "married?" Go right ahead. But why do you need to call it marriage? The truth is exactly as it appears to be. It's time to be honest about why calling it marriage is so freaking important.


So Israel is once again damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Protest signs in Egypt show Morsi with a Star of David on his head, in reference to his being a Zionist. Calling Morsi, or any other member of the Moslem Brotherhood a Zionist is equal to calling George Wallace an abolitionist. The Brotherhood is the sworn enemy of Israel and the Jews. It was hysterical seeing the Star of David superimposed on Mubarak's head. But Morsi? Seriously. No matter what Israel or the Jews do they are blamed for being the root cause.

Sadly, many on today's left feel the same way.


Does "tough love" always work? Why is it so hard for me to just say no? I have a situation where I am at a crossroads with my son. He suffers from Asperger's and depression. He has convinced himself that he is incapable and a total failure. As a parent, it breaks my heart to see him feeling this way. However, as a parent of a 19 year old, I am extraordinarily tired of the abuse I have received as his parent. No matter what good ideas we develop to move his future along, he fights with reckless abandon until he either gives up, or is given up on.

The sad thing is that he is quite intelligent. When he was younger, he was a math whiz. But for years it seemed he simply rested on his glory, and never allowed himself to be challenged. Now, in reality, he was never in the right program for a child with his special needs. On the other hand, he refuses to accept he is any different from anyone else and becomes angry when lumped into a "category" other than "mainstream." Te sad part is that he is simply fooling himself and setting himself up for failure and disappointment.

At this point, I have very few ideas left. Part of me feels like I should kick him out to sink or swim on his own. But the fact is he really has no discernible skill, nor any direction to turn. He will end up on the street. I can not do this to my child. On the other hand, for how much longer can he occupy my couch doing nothing but watching baseball?

I've contacted Sylvan Learning programs as perhaps a final option to get him to study for his GED. He was cheated out of a diploma by his school (they had assured me his program was set up for a high school diploma upon completion. But at the beginning of 12th grade, they informed us it was not going to happen. Sadly, my own illness came in the way of monitoring that the school had his on a GED path, which apparently, they did not.

The question now is what next? If Syvan is not the answer (and I really have no idea if they are), what do I do next? I'd still like to find him a tutor - I learned long ago that I am incapable of tutoring him myself. But the tutor has to be someone who not only knows the GED (easy part), but knows how to deal with an Aspie (hard part). Does there come a point where I have to see if he can sink or swim? We aren't talking about a normal, well adjusted young man.

I love my son fiercely and want what is best for him. But I am at my wit's end as to how to help him and being the physical mess I am, I'm not sure where to turn.

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