Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The Night Before

I am scheduled for surgery Thursday to reattach my colon to my bowels. As embarrassing as it sounds, I have been forced to wear a colostomy bag for the past 9 months, ever since I developed an abscess in my intestines that led to toxins escaping into my body. After immediate emergency surgery, the surgeon unattached the bowels and cut off a short amount of my intestines. Following surgery, I then spent a few months in a nursing home to rehabilitate not only my stomach issues, but also the damage done from being in a coma a short time.

So now, after 9 months of allowing my colon and intestines to heal, I'm finally at the point of having the whole thing put back the right way. Ideally, hoping there are no complications, I should spend about a week in the hospital recovering. Also, I will be able to "do my business" the old fashion way (on a toilet seat). That alone is something to look forward to!

As the night before surgery draws near, there are a couple of issues that are rolling in my brain. To start with, I'd like to say something about Tony Romo and my beloved Dallas Cowboys. I have watched them when they were considered "Next Years' Champions" back in the late 60s, to Super Bowl mainstay in the 70s, to 3-time bridesmaids in the 80s, to the worst in the late 80s to the absolute best in the mid 90s. Since then, I have stayed strong even though the team has two playoff victories in 17 years, along with constant heartache and what ifs.

But I have to tell you that regardless if Tony Romo wins a championship, he has cemented his legacy as one of the greatest individual players this team has ever suited up. Yes, you can say he choked the last play. But in watching it over and over and over again, what I saw was a quarterback trying to make a play, only to be tripped up as he let it go. Along the way, the Denver defensive back made an outstanding run on the ball for the pick.

But I ask you, where would the Dallas Cowboys have been had Tony Romo not played an almost perfect game? Likely, without Romo, Dallas looses the game 51-14 (at best). For the majority of the game Tony Romo was the lead dog in this contest and turnover or not, he showed why he belongs in the same conversation as players with far better pedigrees.

I'm now more optimistic about this season after that loss than I was after either of the team's wins. My prediction is they win the next four winnable games and then go into New Orleans at 7-3. I guess we shall see.


Let's talk politics for a moment. Clearly, at no point in my lifetime do I recall the two Parties so divided as they are now. And while the President likes to place all of this on the "extreme" Republicans, that simply doesn't fly with me. I have watched with intense scrutiny exactly how the President has used this crisis to punish his opposition, as well as his own constituents, in closing places (memorials, monuments) that do not need to be closed and frankly cost more to shutter than letting them stay open. He's put numerous business on the financial brink simply to inflict as much pain as possible to force the GOP to back down and give him all that he wants.

Watching his speech today, I realized how truly dishonest and demeaning he is and how he is willing to sabotage our credit and credit in order to crush the GOP. Yes, that is exactly what Obama is blaming the Republicans for doing. The difference is two-fold. Number one, he is lying. The GOP has sent numerous "clean bills" to the Senate floor that Harry Reid refuses to vote on (all we want or nothing). Secondly, as he President of the United States, he has tremendous power to wield to keep government running. But how can he negotiate a settlement with those he calls "terrorists", "arsonists" and "suicide bombers?" Especially given that he called a press conference today just to announce he was not going to negotiate??

That is not the behavior of the leader of the free world. It is the arrogance of a small, petty, petulant bully who is way over his head politically. To openly beg the Iranians to negotiate as friends, but refuse the GOP as the mortal enemy serves nothing but to further divide out nation.


Who the Hell is this idiot NYC is about to elect as Mayor? I realize Bloomberg is no conservative, but Di Blasio is no normal liberal, either. The closest leaning  I can find for him is Marxist/Communist. And you want him in charge of the greatest city in the World???

I'm sorry, I just don't get it,

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