Sunday, October 06, 2013

What's With All The Hate

I dropped my son off at his home the other day, after we had run some errands at the grocery store. Normally, I do these excursions myself while they are in school because they prefer to go straight home to play their video game du joir. But this time, Mendy decided he wanted to help me and come along. That was a big mitzvah because I needed help dropping off the laundry. Sadly, I'm still not strong enough to do that. Anyway, because I was coming from the Laundromat, when I pulled up in front of Mendy's street, I was across the street facing west. The apartment is on the south side of the street and to pull up in front means I have to turn around and park facing east.

Well, I saw the coast was clear, other than a small pick up truck all the way down the block at the stop sign. It was more than enough room to turn into a driveway and then back out into the street, As I made the turn into the driveway, I realized that the pick up driver floored his car and picked up his speed - supposedly to stop me from having the audacity to pull into an unused driveway. Even with his speeding so rapidly (I'd guess he was no driving 35-40 mph in a 20mph zone.The other thing I noticed was his angle. as if he were purposely aiming his car to smash mine.

Needless to say, this upset Mendy tremendously. As for a description of the guy, All I could tell is that he was either a light shade black person, or an Hispanic. His screaming at me was mostly in a mix between English, Spanish and many words even my 15 year  hasn't hear of.

The driver then slowed his vehicle to cover the driveway, so I couldn't get out. Thankfully, all he did was drive slowly and attempt to proof his man-unit is bigger than mine. Of course it could have been worse. It's entirely possibly that Mr. Macho Man carries heat and might have used it against me or my child. Perhaps he considered the possibility that I too have a weapon and unafraid to use it to protect my child.

Senor Loco slowly drove off feeling like the head honcho. Not sure why, but what ever masculinity he is over compensating for, I did pity him.

This, of course, leads me to the horrible event that took place a few days ago on NY's West Side Highway. For those of you would missed this gem the story is that a Asian man and his wife, along with their very young child were harassed by a large group of motorcyclists along the road. Once cornered in and forced to stop, the Asian man, fearing for his life, took off and ran over one of the bikes (with the driver, the same guy who initially cut in front of him and braked to make the SUV stop). Eventually, the gang caught up to him and began smashing in his windows. However, once again, the Asian driver was able to escape for a short time until traffic snarled him by the George Washington Bridge. At that point, the thugs were able to remove him physically from the SUV and began beating him senseless - in front of his wife and daughter.

Of course, once the police finally arrived, no one saw or heard anything. The wife of the cyclist who was a prime instigator (the one who was run over) is of course suing the SUV driver for running over her oh-so-innocent husband. But the report yesterday, that 5 of the thugs were actually off-duty cops, sent shivers up my spine.

This incident, along with the seemingly increasing numbers of black on white crime in the past few years can be blamed on a number of issues; economics, destruction of the black family unit, gang involvement, poor schooling...

But one place it should also be blamed is on the White House. Since taking the reigns of government in 2008, race relations in America have become a joke. What was supposed to usher in a post-racial era in America has turned into a grievance mongering society. Instead of seeing the election of the first Black President as a springboard for a colorblind society, has instead been manifested into an "it's our turn now" attitude, where Blacks feel empowered and righteous in exacting revenge against Whites. All while the government looks the other way.

Anger in the inner cities have been growing since the election of Barack Obama. I do not believe it's because the Black community wishes to exact revenge. Instead, I believe that since the election, Black unemployment and disillusionment have driven inner city Blacks to become more angry.

Electing a Black man as President was certainly historic and cause to celebrate. Unfortunately, the particular person that was elected is an incompetent, narcissistic bully who has set race relations back 40 years. The anger will only fester worse as his Presidency continues. America best hope that the damage this President has done to both White and Black America can be corrected before another Civil War breaks out.

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