Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Dallas Cowboy...............................21
Philadelphia Eagles.........................20

What a strange weekend it was in the NFL. The Redskins loss to the Bucs was a thing of beauty, and thinking about the overrated Giants loss to the Vikings put me to bed with a smile on my face.

As for the Cowboys...

I suppose winning a game like they did was payback for the losses to Washington and Seattle. They were outplayed, outcoached and over matched throughout. Until McNabb's boneheaded interception to Roy Williams with under 3 minutes left, I had really developed a greater respect for the embattled Eagle. He, along with the rest of the Iggles, played with a tremendous ammount of emotion and desire.

The Cowboys, on the other hand, looked like they were shocked at the strength of their opponent - surprising since they were the defending conference champs. Basically, this game looked like the polar opposite of the teams earlier meeting a few weeks ago.

Cowboys Report Card

Passing Offense: C+
Bledsoe was harassed much of the game, but when he did have time, hooked up beautifully with Peerless Price and Terry Glenn. On a few occasions, he clearly held the ball too long and his interception just butt-ugly.

Rushing Offense: D
The Cowboys could adjust to the Eagle run blitzes until the 4th quarter. Julius Jones never found room to run. Marion Barber continues to impress.

Passing Defense: C+
The defense never expected McNabb to scramble like he did and that trough the whole line off. On the positive side, they only let up 183 yards passing. Aaron Glenn did a nice job covering for the injured Anthony Henry.

Rushing Defense: D-
A shameful display. The Eagles came in ranked last in the league in rushing and they ran for 133 yards. Brian Westbrook averaged over 6 yards a carry. The Cowboys were beaten badly at the line of attack.

Special Teams: B
Aside from giving up a partially blocked punt (which still traveled 31 yards), the unit played well. McBriar had a 62 yard punt and the return game was adequate. Keith Davis had two really nice hits in coverage.

Coaching: D+
Parcells seemed completely surprised by the Eagles game plan. They were unable to stop the run and were taken out of their game plan by an aggressive Philly attack. Furthermore, when tied in the 2nd quarter, they went conservative instead of attacking like they did in the first game.

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