Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Gospel according to Jimmah

Former President Jimmy Carter says President Bush's policies conflict with American values.

Wow. That's sad.

Not the comment, per se, but the fact that Jimmah still feels anyone cares what he thinks.

Carter, known better for his laughable incompetence than for anything else - unless you count his brother Billy and peanut farming - is an uncompromising hypocrite. He wrote a new book in which he says that "peace is an American value, not pre-emptive war".

I guess Mr. Personality forgot about Germany, Korea, Cuba and Vietnam (and that's only in the last hundred years).

Further, he states that we are in violation of the Geneva Convention and that "our senators are voting to keep torture. It's inconceivable this would happen in the United States of America."

Now, it's understandable to think we're in violation, most people are completely unaware of what the rules are. But a former American president should know better. Under "Combatant Status", the Convention states:

"Convention I offers protections to wounded combatants, who are defined as members of the armed forces of a party to an international conflict, members of militias or volunteer corps including members of organized resistance movements as long as they have a well-defined chain of command, are clearly distinguishable from the civilian population, carry their arms openly, and obey the laws of war."

If Mr. Carter had his way, we would be waiting until after another attack before he would do anything. By "anything", I mean he would either send a doomed helicopter to crash in the desert or he would complain loudly that the Islamofacists aren't playing fair.

In Jimmah's world, it matters not who wins, but how you play the game. Unfortunately, the real world is not a game. In the nuclear age, it's vital that we erase totalitarianism before it erases us. Jimmah - who once complained that it wasn't proper for a former president to criticize the current one (Richard Nixon commented on Carter's futility in the Iranian hostage crisis), now turns around and not only criticizes President Bush, but does so with lies.

It's not the first time the former President has tried to rewrite history. In 2003, he stated that "Bush's inordinate support for Israel allows the Palestinians to suffer." Absolutely, Jimmah. The Palestinians were such a peace-loving people before President Bush came around. Now, it's Bush and Israel's fault for their suffering. Not Yasser Arafat and his gang of murderers. Not Hamas, Islamic Jihad or Hezbollah. No! It's Bush and Israel!

Carter's moral blindness to the horrors of the Islamofacism was his downfall in 1980. Running for President in 1976, he was considered a "man of the people" who had tired of the scandals of Watergate. He left office 4 years later in one of the biggest landslides in American history.

Carter, like many Democrats today, do not understand why they're not in power anymore. As one Upper East Side Manhattanite said, following the 2004 election, "I can't believe Bush won. I don't know anyone who voted for him." Americans liked Jimmah because they believed he was populist. Like the Manhattanite and the rest of the leftists, he's not. He's an elitist.

Like all elitists, he believes that he is morally and intellectually superior. But that foolishness was not shared in 1980, or in any election in 10 years. According to Jimmah, it's amazing that 59 million people can be so dumb and yet, with every word he speaks, he proves that he's the foolish one.

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