Sunday, November 05, 2006


That's what I am. I'm just speechless.

Wait, I do have something to say...

I am going to refrain from any knee-jerk reaction to today's Cowboy-Redskin game by simply stating the facts as I see them.

The Cowboys were beaten by their own stupidity and their own coach.

That's right. You heard me. I said they were stupid and that Bill Parcells was responsible for this one.

Oh, I can throw Terrell Owens under the bus for his - once again - timely drop. Let's see, that's three games in a row where the $999 kazillion man has dropped a key pass. This one, a perfecly thrown bomb from Tony "Roger who?" Romo that would have given the Cowboys a seemingly assured victory.

But there were really only two reasons they lost. Stupidity and Parcells.

First the stupidity - how in the name of the wide world of sports do you give up 11 penalties for 163 yards? Who are they? The Raiders? On top of that, how do you not block a guy who was clearly attempting to block a field goal? Plus, I don't think Anthony Fasano had been onside all day!

Then, after the blocked field goal, the referees gave the Redskins an additional 15 yards when Kyle Kosier decided that the he would pull Troy Vincent down by the head. Clearly, the penalty should only have been of the 5-yard "incidental" kind, but I'm sure after watching the Cowboys break every rule in the book, they just assumed it was intentional (thus a 15-yarder).

Next, Parcells.

Now, don't get me wrong. I like Big Bill. Parcells has brought this franchise back from the dead. But he clearly was either watching a different game, or he was having a very senior moment. I mean, with the 2-minute warning approaching and the 'Skins in field goal range to tie, he allows the clock to run, leaving precious little time for his offense to attempt a comeback, should Washington score. As it was, Redskins missed the field goal, but regardless, instead of taking his time-outs to try and get the ball back with more time remaining, he just sits back and let's the Redskin offence control the clock.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

And that may not even have even been his biggest mistake.

The end-around to Glenn, when the team was in field goal range was pretty bad as well. But nothing can top going for a two-pointer after they scored their first touchdown. I mean, it was just the first quarter!!! You can say that everything looks great in hindsight, but that stunk from every angle. In the short-term, it killed the momentum of the touchdown and in the long-term, it cost them the game.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

So now, the Cowboys are a very mediocre 4-4 at the halfway point. They are really looking no different than the team that went 9-7 a year ago. But if nothing else comes from this season, at least one thing has been discovered - and that's that the team has finally found a quarterback. Tony Romo played exceptionally as always and deserved to walk away with the win. It may just be his second start, but Romo is proving to be the real deal.

And that's a good thing. Too bad I can't say the same for the rest of them. Coach included.


Harry said...

Shayne -

I agree with you on everything, but this:

Do you really think Bill has brought this team back from the dead - I think they were in the dead, and they are still in the dead.

Bill is getting old, is tarnishing his impressive resume with every game that he continues to coach, and should resign after this blunder of a loss to the Skins.

PS: I'ma lifelong fan of Bill Parcells, but i'm quickly losing this respect..

Hari Swaminathan

Shayne said...

Yeah, I think he did. Three straight 5-11 seasons under Campo killed them. I have to give Parcells credit for reviving the defense with his draft picks - getting rid of the old and bringing in faster, younger players. He also found some hidden gems - most coaches would have given up on Romo years earlieer.

But his game-time decisions have me stumped - not unlike Landry in his later years.