Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Talk about your lousy timing. I had no sooner finished my last post yesterday when I got the news that big Bill was calling it quits. I have to tell you I have very mixed emotions when I first heard. A big part of me was happy because I had gotten the feeling late in the season that he was ready to give up, but only stayed because he had to. To me, it seemed as if his coaching decisions had suffered due to it and it made me think it was time for a change.

On the other hand, Bill Parcells is an outstanding coach. While he didn't reach the Super Bowl (nor did he win a playoff game), he leaves the Cowboys far better off than he got them.

As far as possible coaches, while I can only speculate, my guess is that Jerry Jones goes after Wade Phillips and brings with him Jason Garrett, the former Cowboy backup QB during the 90's. Other names I've heard mentioned are Norv Turner (mistake), Pete Carroll (big mistake) and Bob Stoops of the University of Oklahoma (bigger mistake).

My concern regarding a college coach is what I refer to as the Nick Saban problem. Like many successful college coaches, once they find that the NFL is tougher than they thought, they tend to scoot back to college, where they enjoyed all the glory they missed in the pros.

Who knows, maybe a dark-horse will emerge. Knowing Jerry Jones and his hiring history, a real horse wouldn't neccessarily surprise me either.

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