Monday, January 22, 2007

Well, after going one for four in my playoff predictions, I'm somewhat afraid to pick the Super Bowl winner. I did tell my son I thought Indianapolis and Chicago would win yesterday, but that was more out of desire that belief. My kids have certainly grown into Bears fans and considering they live in Chicago, they should.

As far as the Colts are concerned, I'm just glad it's someone other than New England - although the Patriots are one heck of a team. But as a true Cowboy fan, I didn't want New England to best the Cowboys 3 SB wins in a decade (although Pittsburgh and San Francisco had previously). Plus, it's nice to see that ol' Tennessee boy - Peyton Manning - have a chance at the ring.

I remember way back in January of 1971, I had just turned 8 and the Cowboys were playing the then-Baltimore Colts for the title. Of course, the Super Bowl was not what it has since become, but even then, it was huge. Dallas lost that day, but it was the first year I really began to follow the sport. By the time the next January rolled around, I was already worshipping at the feet of Roger Staubach, Bob Lilly and the rest of the Super Bowl VI winners.

Maybe this upcoming Super Bowl will do the same for my 8-year-old boys. My 13-year-old is also quite excited about it, but like his wonderful dad, he's a big Cowboys fan.

Oh well. Unfortunately, in Baseball, he likes the Cubs AND the Rangers. It's too bad he won't ever be able to root for a World Series winner! He does enjoy watching the Mavericks, though, and they are certainly right up there (with the best record in the NBA). But like me with football, his world revolves around the baseball diamond. He's already put some of his Bar Mitzvah money away so he can go to a few Cubs' games.

So, with a two-week break between now and Super Bowl XLI (has there really been 40 of these already?), I'm going to sit and wait on my prediction. Since Chicago and Indianapolis are so close (about 180 miles apart), I have no doubt that this area will be inundated with Bears and Colts shirts, hats and whatnot (I love that word). I believe that by the time this one ends, I'll be so sick of both teams, I'll actually look forward to another lost Rangers (and Cubs) season.

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