Monday, April 23, 2007

Okay, boys and girls, I've taken a little break to deal with some personal issues that I suppose aren't that personal anymore. Anyway, I'm back just in time for another hotly anticipated chapter of "Shayne's Truisms."

As always, because it's simply my own thoughts, I don't need to explain how I came to these conclusions, only that I did. Disagree if you wish, but remember, because they are MY thoughts, they are never wrong.

1. Keane College's decision to hire former New Jersey Governor McGreevey to teach ethics makes about as much sense as the NAACP hiring David Duke to be their spokesperson.

2. Does anyone else think that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have no shame?

3. Who are these "Black leaders" that the New York Times claims are ready to ditch Hillary for Obama? If we're talking about Sharpton and Jackson, who are they kidding? "leaders"? I think not. Losers are more like it.

4. I don't understand all the fuss about NBC showing the video made by Cho Seung-Huia, the Va. Tech killer. I mean, everyone is up in arms over NBC for showing it. What did you expect them to do? The day one network gives it over to another network is the day the first network fires their president. Broadcasting has always been a "we can top that" medium. The days of Ozzie and Harriett are long gone.

5. Do you believe Sheryl Crow only uses one square of toilet paper? If she does, I now understand why Lance Armstrong left her. Ewww.

6. I thought Natalie Maines and/or Chrissy Hynde were the dumbest people on earth. Clearly, Sheryl has topped them. Even Rosie O'Donnell falls short - and that says something.

7. How did Global Warming become the gospel when just 20 years earlier it was Global Cooling?

8. Sanjaya was not the worst contestant American Idol ever had. But he was probably the most vilified. It's too bad - he seems to be a sweet guy.

9. Quote of the day: Sgt. Jim Wilt, who is currently serving in Afghanistan, was quoted as saying, "I find it ironic that the flags were flown at half-staff for the young men and women who were killed at VT, yet it is never lowered for the death of a U.S. service member."

Well said.

And lastly...

10. Reason #124 why I'm glad I no longer live in Florida.

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