Sunday, April 29, 2007

A tanker-truck crashed and exploded in Oakland, California today, causing the upper deck of Interstate Highway 580 at Interstate Highway 80 (map) , located near Emeryville, to collapse. According to NBC11 News in the Bay area, the blast was so intense it caused most of the tanker truck to basically melt away, according to crews on the scene.

Thankfully, only the driver was was hurt and his injuries are not life-threatening.

The overpass collapsed due to the intense fire brought on by the blast, which in turn caused the steel to melt. Apparently, the tanker was filled with over 8,000 gallons of unleaded gasoline which fed the blaze.

But that does leave me with an interesting question. How is that possible? According the gospel of Rosie O'Donnell and the Church of the Left, fire can't melt steel. I believe the quote was “I do believe that it’s the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel."

Wow. Does this mean history was made today?


How come PETA goes to all that trouble to save animal but not insects? I read recently that an avid supporter of PETA, who happens to be a Hollywood actor (the name escapes me at the moment) was discussing his need to rid his grounds of termites, which apparently had eaten away part of his deck.

Unless I'm mistaken, I don't believe he was planning to find the little pests another place to live.

It reminds me of Michael W. Fox's, the President The Human Society of the United States, who commented that "A roach is a cow, is a pig, is a boy."

Man, I wouldn't want to eat at that guy's house!


Is it just me, or did it seem that everyone who voted on American Idol wasted their time last week? Yeah, I know that they announced that the votes would be added to this coming week's total. But I still think it was a fraud - especially for those who spent $.99 to text in their votes each week.

Regardless, as long-winded last Wednesday's episode was, I was actually impressed with certain aspects of the show. The best segment in my opinion was the "duet" between Celine Dion (whom I really don't care for) and the late-Elvis Presley. Surprisingly, it was done very well. Plus, any time to can show Elvis, you win my vote.


The NFL draft was this weekend which, to me, begins the new season. Generally, I'm somewhat cynical when it has come to the Cowboy's history of draft choices - ranging from extraordinary to what the f***.

This year, was no different. I was happy with their trading out of the first round for Cleveland's number one next year. I did think they gave up too much to move back into the first round, but I like the choice of Anthony Spencer. I also like the second pick of James Marten, who hopefully will fill the need on the offensive line.

So, I agree with most of the pundits who also liked the Cowboys first day.

However, the second day was a different story. I don't understand why they reached for a kicker with known accuracy problems in the 5th round and I don't get using a #6 on a fullback when they have two decent ones already. But the kicker in the 5th was the weirdest choice. It appears Nick Folk was drafted as a kickoff specialist, which wouldn't be such a big deal - except it seems to me that they could have waited a couple of more rounds to do it.

Even if Folk was picked up by someone else, is he that important for the Cowboys? Seems to me they found a decent kicker last year in Martin Grammatica and if they really wanted to make a difference, they would rehire Steve Hoffman, the team's former-kicking coach who was so successful in finding their kickers during the 90's Super Bowl years.


Do you remember Boy George?

Of course you do. Without a doubt, he was the most controversial music star of the early 80's. Well, I guess he's using fellow-80's icon George Michael's model for continued notoriety (or maybe Rick James). Anyway, here's a story to make you miss the old days (or maybe not).

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