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On Friday, my good friend, Ethan, sent me an editorial (two actually) from the New York Post regarding the recent scandal regarding Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. While the mainstream media seems to once again sweep all things Democratic under the rug (while wasting pages and pages on the most inane and ridiculous), I can't get passed the damage that has been and will further be caused by her traitorous journey to Syria.

From these emails, others who were sent them as well commented through this thread. One of these was the usual "Bush is evil" comment, which had absolutely nothing to do with what Ms. Pelosi did. Another of these comments was much more on line with what the neophyte speaker did.

In answering this writer's email, which came from someone who is very aware of the damage the Democrats are doing - not just to the President - but to his office, as well to all Americans, I decided that I should post it for everyone else to read.

First, here is the email she wrote (I will leave the names off, so as not to offend the writer):

"Pelosi made one mistake, why condemn a whole Party." Nancy Schmancy's entire raison d'ĂȘtre is a mistake and the whole party can be condemned for more reasons than I have stomach for. (And I shall continue to end my sentences with a preposition if need be.) Bush Bush Bush, why don't we impeach him. For what? What impeachable act, what for? For not being John The Hideous Kerry with his Muslim-Loving wife, Al The Lying Skank Sharpton and Michael The Seditious Moore in the White House?

How about impeaching the entire Party that now call themselves Democrats. The whole lot of them are traitors. These present day Dems are a far stretch from the Party that once said, "Loose lips sink ships." If we announced our every move to the enemy during the battles of WW2, as the Dumb Dems would have us do now, we'd be speaking German, that is, if any of us were left standing.

It's outrageous to give the terrorists a date by which we will "pull out" so they can coast, regroup and make themselves look good to Pelosi & Co. while they lie in wait for the day of our announced withdrawal and then POW, we're gone, so is Bush and so are the Democrats and the rest of America. Her/their stupidity is beyond moronic dangerous naiveté; Obama as Jesus with his adoring masses, Hillary as the Second Coming; the grassroots are gathering the flaming liberal sheep who will lead us all to you know what with their insane notions. I bet there is no convincing any of them that if you talk nicely to ruthless murderers they will not be nice in return. Yeah, and we are bad bad bad for going into Iraq, bad bad Bush - funny, the soldiers who are there know that it's necessary to be there, and they stand to lose life and limb for it.

To wit, I responded:

Gee, why don't you say what you really mean?

Seriously though, I find your comments refreshing and - more than a little - depressing and accurate. Obviously born post WWII (I just made the Baby-boom years in 1962), I can't say with any authority that there weren't those in America on the side of the enemy (Joe Kennedy comes to mind, along with Henry Ford), but I can't imagine it was as widespread and as equally acceptable as it is today. It simply boggles my mind.

In theory, I would like to blame the mainstream media. But in truth, how much influence does that truly have any longer? Newspaper subscriptions are way down, the Big Three networks have falling ratings, and I have a hard time accepting that blogs such as the Daily Kos appeal to anything more than young people to don't have the desire to vote anyway.

If I had to find blame somewhere, I'd have to look at our own Republican party for allowing the seeds of discontent flow. By trying to make nice, President Bush has drifted away from what brought him victory in 2004 and has taken a defensive stance, thereby allowing the Democrats the idea that he is weak-hearted. Secondly, as much as I love Vice-President Cheney (and I do - man-crush aside), allowing him to remain as VP - thereby not allowing a clear front-runner to emerge in 2008 - leaves a serious void in the next election (I blogged about this in early 2004).

Secondly, I blame the Universities for not doing away with tenure. By allowing professors the ability to remain in a very tight-knit, always employed fraternity, these teachers are no longer encumbered with real-world stresses. Therefore, as such as happened with the Supreme Court (why so many of the assumed conservative justices move left during their tenures), they no longer relate to real-world issues and therefore begin to lecture Utopian belief. Being unafraid of ever losing your livelihood makes one less compelled to worry about survival. That is a big reason why most exceptionally wealthy people (especially those from old-money) as well as those who can afford to live in the elite circles of the eastern seaboard (think upper east side of Manhattan) and the gold coast of California (think San Francisco, where housing is even more expensive than Manhattan) vote overwhelmingly Democrat.

It has always been a liberal desire to throw money at a problem instead of solving it. After all, when you have more than you could possibly need, what else are you going to do with it? Remember the old proverb about giving a man a fish, or teaching him to fish. Democrats have given minorities and other low-income people fish for too damn long.

As a person living on disability, I should be more sensitive. However, I earn what I do through disability because number one, I'm unable to work, and number two, the money I now receive is pretty much the money I have paid to the government in social security taxes since I began working.

As long as the Dems continue giving out free fish - while blaming others (read: Republicans) for their need - there is very little chance anyone will want to learn how to fish on their own. And those that do are simply called "Uncle Tom" (or something of the like) for rocking the boat.

The President still has another 18 months to do something about this. But I find that he is too concerned with image and the press to do much of anything. Even allowing Nancy Pelosi to visit Syria, against the wishes of the White House - especially during war time - should be condemned and even punished. Should Bush indict her for treason, the press would go crazy and not let him live it down. But I bet Abraham Lincoln didn't particularly care that many, many journalists opposed setting the slaves free.

I have no doubt Pelosi will not be punished. But even if the President tried to do it, imagine the message it would send to the rest of the traitorous Democrats!

I'm tired of the politics, the cheap talk and the "thank you sir, may I have another" attitude. The Republicans are blowing their chance to Re-Reagan America. It's time to keep working to keep us out of the failed "Jimmy Carter mind-set" of the 1970's.

Have we not learned anything???

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