Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I don't live in Minneapolis. But if I did, I would immediately cancel my subscription to the Star-Tribune after hearing about their latest layoffs. After firing the elderly women who ran the paper's switchboard, the bosses at the Twin Cities largest newspaper then announced they were ending their contract with Lifeworks, a nonprofit group that helps mentally handicapped people work in office jobs.

By doing this, the paper in effect is firing 11 developmentally disabled workers in the Star-Tribune's mail room.

As the father of two developmentally-challenged children, I am stunned at the "Strib's" insensitivity. I recognize that cutting expenses is vital for any newspaper in the Internet age. But to single out those who are probably the most loyal, hardest working employees really is nothing short of discrimination.

They Strib may well feel it's within their rights to hire and fire whom ever they like. But I, for one, will no longer use their paper for any links, commentaries or whatever support I may have given it.

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