Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sickening news from Israel...

In draft declaration, Olmert appears ready to cede Jerusalem's Old City

If this is true, then Ehud Olmert and Shimon Peres will be remembered as the ones who destroyed the State of Israel.

I was only 4 and a half years old when my parents flew to Israel immediately following the 6-Day-War. Although barely old enough to remember it, I do recall the joy in my father's heart as he recalled his memory of when the Israeli soldiers liberated the old city, where for the previous 19 years Jews were forbidden to enter.

For years, I saw video tapes of the soldiers with tears in their eyes, screaming in prayer "AM YISROEL CHAI" (the nation of Israel lives) and "NEVER AGAIN", the rallying cry for a nation whose people where so decimated just 22 years earlier in Nazi Germany.

Yet for all those prayers and all those tears, Olmert (along with Peres) have turned their backs on the promise and are prepared to turn over the holiest city in Judaism over to an "authority" who just recently published these horrible cartoons. They plan to turn over all of it to a people who never existed as a "nation" before and still do not recognize Israel's sovereignty.

The Palestinian Authority, to whom Olmert is giving away the country to isn't even the elected government in the area connected. If you want to say they are more "moderate" then Hamas, fine. But they aren't even in charge of their own land!

Imagine if the minority party in England made a deal to give London to the Irish! Yet that's exactly what Olmert is planning on doing. All in the name of "peace". Olmert, if you recall - was the "leader" who made this comment:

"We are tired of fighting; we are tired of being courageous; we are tired of winning; we are tired of defeating our enemies."

Well I guess he'll get his way now.

I suppose it makes sense. Olmert finally landed his dream job of being Prime Minister of Israel. When he proved his ineptitude in last years war against Hezbollah, he lost his status as a hero for Israel. So, like many losers before him (Peres, Barak and Beilin), he chose to become the hero of Palestine instead.

How sickening.

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