Monday, March 10, 2008

Hypocrisy -- thy name is MSM.

Let's see if I have this straight. The Governor of New York gets caught in a prostitution ring and what happens? Well, Tucker Carlson - of MSNBC (yeah, they're still around) - thinks nothing should happen. Alan Dershowitz - brought on as a guest - even has the nerve to blame Americans for the governor's hypocrisy:
I have two reactions. One, I feel terrible for Eliot and his family. But I feel that this is a America-only story that we have to put in perspective. You know, big deal, married man goes to prostitute! In Europe, this wouldn't even make the back pages of the newspaper. It's a uniquely American story. We’re a uniquely, you know, pandering society and hypocritical society, when it comes to sex.

Aside from the fact that Europe is not exactly a hotbed of morality, what about the fact that Gov. Spitzer ran his election campaign on the strength of his law and order pedigree? I mean, this was the guy who just one year ago (May 16, 2007) announced an agreement on legislation that will combat the trafficking of human beings. The legislation makes Sex Trafficking and Labor Trafficking felony-level crimes and provides access to state social services for trafficking victims.

But what incenses me even further is the lengths the msm will go to cover up the political damage of the news. Apparently, CNN, AP, BBC and MSNBC, all failed to mention that Gov. Spitzer is a Democrat.

Why does it matter? I'll yell you why - for fairness reasons. Of course, as I've always said, being a Democrat means never having to say you're wrong. Even the Kos kids have it right:

Kos Kid: Democrats Can't Possibly Be Hypocrites

I really don't give a damn if Spitzer can't keep his zipper shut. On the other hand, I do have a problem with a man telling his constituents, "Do as I say, not as I do." Furthermore, I have a HUGE problem with the unbelievable media bias prevelant in the mainstream media. If you believe that had this been a Republican governor they would not have printed his party affiliation, then you are as deluded as the media is.

Another great example of this hypocrisy was the Chicago Sun-Times deeming the story of the 8 murdered Israeli teenagers only deserved page 27. Can anyone imagine if it had been an Israeli who killed 8 Muslim teenagers in a medrassa, what page the story would have run?


Since I want to post this before tomorrow's American Idol episode, here is my updated TOP 12. You will note, if you've been following along, that over the past two weeks, I have correctly predicted 6 of the 8 who where voted off. I think it goes without saying that this year's group really consists of 6 who could win and another 6 who can't.

The Best of the Best
1. David Archuleta (1) -- Still the one to beat
2. David Cook (3) -- His rendition of "Hello" was amazing
3. Carly Smithson (4) -- Best female voice of the bunch

The Next of the Best
4. Brooke White (6) -- Very consistent and very good
5. Jason Castro (9) -- Simon is correct when he says he's better every week
6. David Hernandez (8) -- Consistent

The Next of the Rest
7. Michael Johns (5) -- Fading after forgettable performances
8. Syesha Mercado (2) -- Great potential but needs to make a splash
9. Ramiele Malubay (10) -- adorable, but way behind the others

On the Bubble (Soon to be bye-bye-bye)
10. Amanda Overmeyer (17) -- At the mercy of each week's genre
11. Chikezie Eze (14) -- Likable, but just not good enough
12. Kristy Lee Cook (15) -- Nice rendition of "Faithfully," but too little, too late

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