Sunday, March 16, 2008

I find it unbelievably chilling how taken the mainstream media is taken with Barack Obama. I mean, seriously guys. Every so often, I've wandered over to Perez Hilton to see if there is any American Idol rumors and I often come across one of his doctored photos of (usually) men with drool -or worse - coming out of their mouths.

That's how I see the MSM and their treatment - salivating (or worse) over the second coming. Or is it the third, I lost count.

What I do find so delightful is the way the Kos Kids have turned on Hillary Clinton, and how the Clinton camp is crying over it. Hillary is seeing first hand the vulgarity and unabashed hatred emanating from the Left. Of course, it's only a fraction of the bile they throw at us Conservatives. But still, it is fun to watch them eat their young for a change.

As far as the Obama-messiah is concerned, I'm thoroughly disgusted that the MSM has been - for the most part - whitewashing (no pun intended) the connection the senator has with his Pastor.

I have two things to say about this:

1. Senator Obama said on national TV that he had never heard Reverend Wright say anything in any of his sermons that could be deemed inflammable. Yet, it was uncovered on YouTube - since been removed by the powers that be there - that not only was Obama in attendance at one of Wright's anti-American/anti-White speech, but seen nodding in approval to the Reverend's words.

Look, my father was a Rabbi and I heard him speak politically numerous times. I have no real beef with a clergyman giving a fire and brimstone speech. But to deny it and be caught lying about it is just wrong. Here is a man who wants us to put our faith in him at a crucial time for our country and unfortunately is either ashamed of his Pastor, or ashamed of our country. Either way, he can't seem to ensure us that he wants to win more than he wants to be the right choice.

2. Could you imagine what the press would have made of Mitt Romney - who also made a campaign based on faith (as did Mike Huckabee) - had his minister said anything remotely as inflammable as Reverend Wright? I don't think there's a person alive who believes the media would downplay it anywhere near as much as they have for Obama.

To that extent, I actually have to agree with former Vice-Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro. I do not believe Obama would even sniff the presidency if he were a white man. This is very different from saying a black man can not be president. No, just not THIS black man.

Yet, this is still not the issue that worries me most about Senator Obama. Forget that his religious mentor hates white America. Forget that his foreign policy is somewhere between Jimmy Carter and Hugo Chavez. Forget the fact that the campaign promises he's making will cause taxes to cripple the middle class. Forget all about that.

The one thing you should remember is that Senator Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He speaks of uniting the country and for the "audacity of hope." This is all a lie! His policies, his platforms and ALL of his plans will only united those who wish our country to fail in terms only Jimmy Carter could bring.

Let me tell you what Senator Obama IS for:

1. Opening the borders
2. Cutting and running from Iraq
3. Increased government
4. Higher taxes
5. Giving more money and weapons to the Palestinians
6. No school vouchers
7. Supreme court judges who will not protect the constitution
8. Open talks with terrorists
9. Higher minimum wage levels
10. More government control over our lives

By all means,if you are all for the nanny state, like England is turning into, vote Democrat. G-d knows, everything our government has created (be it welfare,US postal system, the DMV) has worked out sooo well. Let's give them more control and more of our hard earned money.


Okay, now on to American Idol...

Big change in the list this week as David Cook rocked and David Archuleta choked.He's still the favorite to win it all, but he'll be knocked down a bit after messing up the lyrics to "We Can Work It Out." C'mon David, you didn't know any Beatles songs?

The Best of the Best
1. David Cook (2) -- Right now, riding high with the most talent
2. Carly Smithson(3)-- Best female voice& will be there till the end
3. Jason Castro (5) -- I believe his style will get old before the top 4 show

The Next of the Best
4. David Archuleta (1)-- Still the favorite, but another mess up & he may not last long
5. Brooke White (4)-- talent, beauty and emotion - very winable
6. Michael Johns (7)-- He's good,not great. Shouldn't be fawned over so much

The Next of the Rest
7. Syesha Mercado (8) -- A mistake to forget about her
8. Chikezie Eze (11) -- A good (great week), but will it last?
9. Amanda Overmeyer (10)--Still believe she's a one trick pony

On the Bubble (Soon to be bye-bye-bye)
10. Ramiele Malubay (9) -- pretty,with a good voice. But not enough to win.
11. Kristy Lee Cook (12) -- But for the grace of David Hernandez go her.

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