Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'm tired. I'm tired of politics, I'm tired of parenting, I'm tired of television, I'm tired of the media and I'm tired of the stupidity that is so prevalent in society. I'm tired of the "me" generation, I'm tired of trial lawyers, I'm tired of race-baiters and I'm tired of environmentalism. I'm tired of whiny adults who feel like they are entitled to whatever they fancy and I'm tired of selfish children who feel like they own the world.

I'm tired of Rush Limbaugh and I'm tired of Keith Olbermann. I'm tired of Black Afro-centric theology and I'm tired of liberal Jews. I'm tired of being poor and I'm tired of being lonely. I'm tired of watching my favorite sports teams lose and I'm tired of the New York Yankees. I'm tired of Chef Ramsey and I'm tired of Paula Abdul.

Basically, I'm just sick of all of it.

Part of me wishes I were a liberal Democrat so that I could blame everything of George Bush. Part of me wishes I were a European, so I could hate the Jews with impunity. A big part of my wishes that the most pain I ever felt was a paper cut and an even bigger part of me wishes I had no interest in companionship.

I'm just so damn tired.



I wouldn't label myself a liberal democrat, and yet I blame virtually everything that is wrong with the world these days on George Bush. Hmmm....

Shayne said...

I truly wish I were that naive. Unfortunately, I know that you aren't.

At least I hope not!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shayne-- thanks for your comment over at TNOYF. And I really like this post-- brutally honest.

Hang in there--

RH Potfry
The Nose On Your Face