Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Shut the hell up!"

That's what Keith Olbermann said to President Bush on his MSNBC show this week.

It got me thinking. Who else should "shut the hell up?" So, I have composed a list for you tonight of who we here at Shayneblog (OK, there's really only me here) believe should "shut the hell up:"

1. Keith Olbermann

2. Members of the religion of perpetual outrage
I mean, really dudes. Have you guys accomplished anything since you "invented" algebra?

3. Anyone outraged that an American soldier used a Koran for shooting practice
I'll tell you what - I'll apologize when the Muslims stop using the Bible for toilet paper

4. Anyone who really thinks Hillary was calling for Obama's assassination
Look, I'm not saying I don't think Hillary is incapable of arranging it. I just don't think that was what she meant.

5. Anyone who feels David Archuleta should have won American Idol

5. Hank Steinbrenner
No reason. I just love watching the "anointed team" lose

6. Barack Obama
As long as his wife is campaigning for him, she's fair game

7. Dick Durbin
It's your fault I'm paying $4.15 a gallon for gas, not ExxonMobil, ya jerk

8. The State of Texas Child Services Board
Are you guys out of your freaking minds???

9. Illegal Mexican Immigrants
Go protest your own damn government to change their laws, not ours

10. John McCain
Yeah, I'm voting for him. But dude, time to lay off the global warming kool-aid.

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