Thursday, May 22, 2008

"When you call the decent 'evil', what then do you call the truly evil?"

That is a quote from someone I consider one of the great moralists of our time, Dennis Prager. Heard on hundreds of radio stations nationwide, Prager often crosses party lines to interview members of the Democrat party leadership on his program. He is blessed with a calming, non-abrasive tone and he uses his platform not to promote simply a conservative agenda, but one of "moral clarity." The basis of his opinions are found in the Judeo-Christian belief system and while he may disagree with the Left on many points, he is exceptionally cordial and respecting of other people's positions.

However, the one ideology that he most heatedly argues is the existence of evil in this world. Raised as an orthodox Jew, Prager grew up as a Liberal and only became a conservative during the Reagan revolution. Today, he is one of the most popular lecturers and radio hosts in America.

Recently, He took great exception to MSNBC host Keith Olbermann's latest tirade against President Bush. It wasn't so much as a disagreement about the President's policies (while Prager and Olbermann clearly difer on the subject, that wasn't the point of contention), but rather Olbermann's "intellectual integrity", or lack thereof.

I have, in a few cases, been taken quite aback by Olbermann's vile and hateful rants. Not so much because it's nothing I haven't heard from the Left before, but precisely from who it comes from. Aside from hosting his own talk show on MSNBC, Olbermann has emarged as the new face of the parent network, NBC and with it, it's prestige and history. By putting this clown in such a prominent position at the network, NBC no longer hides it's strong liberal bias.

But I digress...

In a 12-minute rant on his show, Olbermann railed against President Bush, our military and in general, decency. His remarks were better suited for the fringe of the DailyKos kids, than for a major cable network's newshour. In response to his outrageous commentary, Prager took Olbermann to task. What is remarkable is how beautifully precise and (maybe unnecessarily) proper Prager dissected Olbermann's "intellectual integrity."

This is a 10-minute clip from Prager's show and it should be listened to by anyone who cares for honesty and true moral clarity (Courtesy of Olbermann Watch):

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Interesting listen for about 2 minutes...the other 8, though, I will never get back. -- Sigh --

The piece does demonstrate that Newton's Law of Motion -- "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction" -- applies to the media as well as to the more corporeal aspects of the world we live in, though. For every Sean Hannity...