Monday, June 02, 2008

I don't have much that hasn't been said better by someone else. I am convinced that the world (and by extension, the country) is quickly losing it's moral compass and common sense. And it's not just the Jihadists who are causing this downfall - although they are doing a pretty good job of it themselves. Anyway, here are some links to make you cry (or laugh, if that's your thing):

Girl's Locker Rooms Declared Open to Perverts in Colorado

Religion of Peace Strikes in Pakistan

Who is teaching Your Kids About Islam?

Philippines: Bishop Backs Islamic State in South, "Muslims Should be Governed by Sharia Law"

Obama's Peace Partner says Israel's End is Near

Blame Islam? How Dare He! We Are The Religion of Peace!

Tolerance Will Not Be Tolerated!

You don't Need a Driver's License to be a Moron

Optimums Prime Must Be on the No-Fly List

And that's just for today! By the way, when can I question the influences surrounding Barack Obama? I'm not suggesting that he holds each and every viewpoint expressed by those who he considers mentors. But on the other hand, what proof do we have that he doesn't?

His campaign is all about "hope" and "change." Change from what? All of the changes I have heard him express are ones that Jimmy Carter attempted and failed miserably at. o paraphrase a bumper sticker I saw this week, instead of "McCain '08 = Bush III," I prefer one that says "Obama '08 = Carter II."

And as much as I dislike Hillary Clinton, I believe with all my heart that she got hosed with the Michigan and Florida delegates. How ironic that the party that fought in 2000 that "every vote should count," find themselves not counting every vote.

Of course, the Democrats can do what they did in Illinois in 1960 - vote early and vote often. It worked back then, didn't it?

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