Thursday, June 05, 2008

I find myself becoming more and more angry with what is happening in the world. When I began blogging, I understood that there were many different opinions about justice, honesty and truth. But as I've become more educated on the ways of the world, I have become less empathetic and clearly, more pessimistic.

I know that everyone has there own theologies and beliefs and I know that that there are always three sides to every story. But I never for a moment believed that truth would not prevail. I guess my own naivety was just stopping me from digging beneath the surface.

What has really driven this moment for me has been a few issues. First and foremost is the media's love affair with Barack Obama. Here we have a man with very little experience in government on the threshold of becoming the President of the United States. Generally, I suppose it could be looked upon as a momentous occasion in the history of this great nation. After all, a black man winning the White House would be absolutely unthinkable as early as 40 years ago.

But there is a tremendous danger in electing someone like Obama. Certainly not because of his race. While many on the left continue to criticize the right for our "racist" behavior, in truth most conservatives could care less about the color of one's skin. Somehow, over the past number of years, the party who opposed the civil rights legislation and gave us such people as Robert Byrd were able to convince everyone that they are the party of racial harmony.

From all I've seen, for the past 40 years, the Democrats controlled the House and the Senate for all but 8 years. Furthermore, during 4 of those years, Democrats controlled the White House. And what has happened to America during that time? Our education system has become a joke, we rely on foreign countries to supply us with energy. We refuse to acknowledge that we are at war with a religion hell-bent on our destruction. We belittle our military and destroy our faith in our police departments.

Hell, I could go on and on.

And you know what? The conservatives are just as at fault. The Republicans had the control and had the plan, but pissed it away as well. Like with what seems to be every human being that goes to Washington, they lost there way, got greedy and basically turned into exactly what they were elected not to do. No wonder they're on the brink of losing a record number of seats in the Senate and House.

I truly believe that President Bush has made some very glaring errors in his presidency. However, they are not the errors most people blame him for. Unfortunately, he has made enough stumbles to allow those who oppose him to get a stranglehold on the psyche of the American people. How else can you explain that a man with no experience, a man who makes more gaffes that Dan Quayle, a man who has clear Socialist and Marxist policies and a man who acts as if he believes he is the Messiah, can actually have a place as his party's nominee?

What has got be all bothered is that the media is so caught up in the "anyone but Bush" frenzy that they are "tingling up the leg" (to quote Chris Matthews) with love and affection for a man who has been attending a racist church for 20 years and not only has ties to anti-American nutjobs, but actually befriends these ass-holes!

We are at a time where we have lunacy hitting us from all sides. From the right, we have schmucks like Pat Buchanan who just wrote a mesmerizing essay on why Hitler wasn't such a bad guy after all. The fact that would allow it to be posted infuriates me!

In Iran, we have the lunatic, Ahmadinejad no longer just calling for Israel's destruction, but now telling Japan to "prepare for a world without the U.S." And Obama thinks he can "talk" to this idiot? We have hundreds of millions of Muslims who have been brainwashed to believe that its all the Jews fault. On top of that, we have the Israeli government (and many, many Americans - especially on the left) AGREEING!!!

We are being attacked by environmentalists whose sole obsession is the end of capitalism, while Barack Obama and his party ADMIT that they want to take from the rich and give to the poor - as if this was some game.

History is constantly being repeated. But unfortunately, either we are too lazy or too stupid to see the smoke and mirrors blinding us from the truth. Writing about this has washed the clouds from my eyes and have forever changed my vision of this world. Writing has also proven to me that it will get worse long before it will get better.

I hope its not too late.

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