Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I originally posted this as a comment on my friend, Robert Avrech's, site (Sephardic Secret):

One of the biggest fallacies perpetrated by the media is that of the "Jewish vote." It has become exceedingly apparent (to this Jew, anyway) that as much as American Jews wish to be lumped together as a separate ethnic group, it just isn't accurate.

The proof is in that term "the Jewish vote." Like most liberals (if not all), religion takes a backseat to liberalism. Non-observant Jews may think of themselves as different from everyone else, but they are not. In lacking Jewish observance, they really lack true closeness to G-d. The void that is left is filled by liberalism, which in all reality IS a religion (just without a real Deity).

Therefore, liberal Jews are really just liberals first, and Jews second.

Orthodox Jews consider themselves "Jewish conservatives". Their political beliefs are secondary to their Judaism. The true "Jewish vote" is the vote by those Jews who are Jews first, everything else second.

It always struck me that all ethnic groups use the term "-Americans" (African-Americans, Arab-Americans), yet the when we talk about the Jews, it's always "American Jews". Ironically, more and more liberal Jews are beginning to refer to themselves as "Jewish-Americans." This hasn't gone unnoticed.

This is not meant as a testament that non-orthodox Jews are not real Jews, so please do not assume I mean that. Simply, when considering the "Jewish vote" you should understand who it is you refer to.

Robert's response was equally poignant:
"When Jews reject Torah, they move towards a fanatical belief in radical leftist politics. It's sad and self-destructive"
Throughout Jewish history, Jews have often turned to false gods to lead them from the abyss. Whether it was the golden calf, or a new messiah, they have strayed away from G-d and fallen victim to their own desires and belief in their own self-worth. Each time has led to great catastrophe for the Jewish nation.

The correlation with the State of Israel is significant. As the country continues to move away from their ethnic heritage and their connection to G-d, they have begun to erode the values and piety that separated us from our mortal enemies. Plainly put, we have lost our way and we are slowly losing our nation.

The Islamic regime in Iran understands this, as does Hezbollah and Hamas. Without a doubt, they understand that we are fundamentally weaker than they are and are ripe for destruction. This is what is meant by the many Jews who admit that we are our own worse enemy.

But it isn't too late for us. I know that there are many Israeli's - as well as Jews worldwide - who understand what is happening. It is my hope that Israel will wake up before she faces extermination. This is not an advocacy for war. Simply a warning that we must be diligent and strong - as David Ben Gurion and Menachem Begin were. It is through physical AND spiritual strength that Israel can regain her reputation. It is when we are most strong that we can force peace with our neighbors.

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