Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I did my civic duty and I voted. Because I live in Illinois, my vote counts for nothing. However, regardless of whether or not my choice wins or loses, I did what I needed to do and I feel proud that I was able to show my support.

I will say that should Barack Obama prove victorious - and based on the news from FoxNews that he has won Ohio and Pennsylvania it seems very likely - I will support him as my President. I do not like the man and I do not agree with his politics. But like I did with Bill Clinton in the 90's, I will accept his Presidency.

However, I will not stop blogging about what I feel is the proper path for this country. The great thing about this nation is that in 4 years, we get to do it all over again. And if my fears of what an Obama presidency come true, we will have the opportunity to vote him out of office like we did with Jimmy Carter.

There is a lyric by Don Henley - from his song "A Month of Sundays" - that I believe is very apropos:

"We get the government we deserve."

How true it is. The country has decided that the direction of the country needs to be changed. I personally believe that the direction Obama will lead it is the wrong one. But I suppose time will tell. I am convinced that the media has been beyond complicit and that the majority of voters today have voted with their hearts and not their heads. But that is the nature of our republic.

On a different note, I am struck by Senator Obama's "victory" rally, here in Grant Park in Chicago. The radio announced that in order to be allowed in, you must show a valid driver's license (or I assume, an official ID). Yet to vote, you don't need it. Amazing.

So, for all of you conservatives who are depressed over tonight's results, remember that the sun will rise tomorrow and the nation will go on. Just because we are not in control does not mean we will be silenced. Yes, Obama is still very much an unknown and it is very possible that everything we suspect about him will come true.

But we still have a democracy and we are not about to be turned into a new Soviet Union. While a few more people want Obama, roughly half the population do not want him. I believe that not understanding that dynamic was the beginning of the end for the Republican Party.

Instead of governing as conservatives, Republicans tried to out Democrat the Democrats.

With that in mind, it is my opinion that many Americans are not necessarily voting for Barack Obama, but are voting against George Bush. Not everyone, mind you. But enough people to tip the scales.

The Republican Party has no one to blame but themselves. Even today, when someone asks me if I'm a Republican or a Democrat, I simply state I'm a conservative. Until such time that the Republican Party remembers what conservatism is all about, they will continue to be the minority party in American politics. If the Republicans want real "change", they can start by acting like conservatives again.

Well, I'm still praying for a "Dewey Defeats Truman" moment. Where is Roger Staubach when I need him most?

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Love the Henley lyric...it is one I have taken comfort in for nearly 8 years now, in fact. It was assigned to a character in the song who is young and idealistic and college-educated, referring to an abstract liberal politician, which is evidenced by the lyric following:

"My son-in-law just shakes his head and says,
That little punk, he never had to serve."

And let me offer another Henley lyric from "The End of the Innocence", this one written as a poke at Reagan, but one that would've easily attached to a President McCain:

"O beautiful, for spacious skies
But now those skies are threatening
Theyre beating plowshares into swords
For this tired old man that we elected king."

Now go listen to Henley's most recent masterpiece, "Long Road Out of Eden"...