Monday, November 03, 2008

One last appeal, for the sake of the State of Israel:

From Mere Rhetoric:

70 Percent of American Jews Ready To Say "We Don't Know" When Obama Detonates US-Israel Alliance (Plus: They Most Definitely Know)


Well, he did promise to bring everyone together. Voters who claim to support Israel and every single person who wants to destroy Israel - unity!

A new poll on Monday showed Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama gaining ground among Jewish voters, widening the gap to 40 percent against his rival, Arizona Senator John McCain. The Washington Post reported that its Post-ABC News tracking poll found Obama leading 70%-29% among Jewish voters, a lead similar to the one former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry enjoyed in 2004, when he held a 74-25 percent advantage over George W. Bush.

A party-ID split is exactly what you'd expect given that American Jews vote Democratic mostly out of herd-like habit. The only time they've shown even a smidgen of doubt was when Obama detonated the anti-Ahmadinejad rally - and even then J-Street and the NJDC raced to see who could most stupidly blame conservatives.

But you have to admire the obstinate creativity behind the moronic arguments and bald-faced lies that Democratic Jews cling to. This is a candidate who is so close to vulgar appeasement that he and his media sycophants take it personally when people talk about Chamberlain - even in contexts that aren't about Obama at all. The hysterical way that Democratic Jews latched on to Bob Wexler's transparent anti-Palin lies was revelatory - they weren't so much fooled as desperately hoping to convince people that they were fooled. This is how it's been through the entire campaign - just one unblinking, incoherent argument after another:

* Obama will actively work to undermine the political supporters of the US-Israel alliance? "Well Jesse Jackson doesn't speak for Obama and AIPAC supports him." Except Biden said the exact same thing about taking on pro-Israel forces in DC and AIPAC is actually terrified of him.
* Obama is disastrously weak on Israeli security? "Well he's willing to accept Israel's security choices, he's spoken out against Palestinian violence, and he's reached out to Israelis." Except he totally rejects the Israeli center-right that Israelis are about to entrust with their security, he opposes the security fence that protects Israel from Palestinian violence, and Israelis don't actually believe that his overtures are genuine.
* Obama has the most anti-Israel foreign policy team ever assembled? "Well he has plenty of pro-Israel advisers and all those anti-Israel advisers don't advise him on Israel anyway." Except he doesn't have pro-Israel advisers and obsessive anti-Israel partisans like Brzezinski obviously advise him on Israel since they blame the Jewish State for the entire breadth and depth of Middle East instability - a view of the Middle East geopolitics that Obama himself explicitly endorses.
* Obama committed to meeting Ahmadinejad without preconditions? "Well he never said that and besides he meant Khamenei." Except there's video and photographic proof that he did commit to meeting Ahmadinejad and if he meant Khamenei that's even worse.
* Obama spent twenty years at the side of one of Chicago's most notorious anti-Semites and has a wide circle of anti-Semitic spiritual advisers? "Well he insists that 'nobody has spoken out more fiercely on the issue of anti-Semitism' than he has." Except that's obvious lady doth protest too much hyperbole.
* Obama was amazingly cozy with a committed PLO operative? "Well Khalidi was not part of the PLO and he's a Semitic Arab so he can't be anti-Semitic." Except of course he worked for the PLO and that last part is a disgusting rhetorical strategy to make it impossible to oppose Jew hatred.
* Obama insisted again and again that he's going to engage Hezbollah? "Well Israeli generals are on his side." Except that's a lie.
* Obama met with Palestinian leaders and was endorsed by Hamas? "Well he opposed the 2006 Hamas election and Palin supports Hamas too." Except he actually supported the 2006 Hamas election and Palin vehemently opposes Hamas.
* Obama and his past and future advisers are inclined to side with the Palestinians on even the most controversial territorial issues. "Well he said that he's for an undivided Jerusalem." Except he immediately reversed himself under "Palestinian pressure."

That last part is particularly unsurprising given how Obama spent his time in Chicago:

And yet Obama's shills tell American Jews to "get over their Obama paranoia" and proceed to shamelessly lie about how genuine concerns are "smears." Then they watch as their nonsensical columns and press releases get smugly forwarded from one willfully ignorant Jewish American to another to another.

These people actually think they're sophisticated for saying that failed Iranian negotiations will give Obama more leverage to use "strong sticks" - as if Europe wasn't already hard-line on Iran and as if European leaders don't vehemently disagree with engaging the Islamic Republic. They actually fancy that they're nuanced for believing that Obama will make the Muslim world like us - as if there's a way to do that without selling out Israel and destroying the US-Israel alliance.

I expect Bob Wexler to lie and I expect Mel Levine to be a tool. But for Dennis Ross and Alan Dershowitz to be this aggressively stupid? The sheer force of will that it must be taking has to be incredible. If they brought that level of energy to actually thinking about the election, maybe the Left's Great Schlep - which media outlets helpfully promoted so Obama could "seal the deal" - wouldn't have been such a spectacular burnout. They don't even believe their own nonsense. They just repeat it so other people - who also don't believe it - will be able to lie to themselves and each other about making an informed decision.

Any honest person who says that Obama will be anything but a disaster for the US-Israel alliance is either a breathtaking idiot or in willful denial. If American Jews have any decency, they'll at least spare everyone their pathetic "we couldn't have known" hand-wringing when Obama's foreign policy turns out to be exactly what his top advisers promise. But given their behavior during this election, I'm not hopeful.

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Allison Guerriero said...

Very good! I didn't know most of this stuff. I just knew he was not Pro-Israel. How come Obama's Anti-Israel stance is so important to this non-Jew, but nearly every Jew I know doesn't seem to care? Well maybe I should go to Mass and pray about it (ha ha ha)

Shayne said...

That's because most Jews are liberals first and Jews second. That is also why the majority of orthodox Jews are voting for McCain.