Thursday, December 11, 2008

Question for today - Where is Rahm Emanuel?

I like this article - More Than 650 scientists dispute global warming claims. It's about time.

So Obama is going to offer Israel a "nuclear umbrella" in case it is attacked by Iran. How convenient. What this means to me is two-fold. Number one - that Obama accepts a nuclear Iran and number two, that in the extremely unlikely scenario that Iran - as a national force - will attack Israel, the United States will counter strike the Persian nation.

Not likely.

For one thing, I would be simply stunned if Iran "officially" struck Israel. They would attack Israel the same way Afghanistan attacked the United States on 9/11. It would be done by proxy where we would not immediately know who attacked and how to respond. Given the amount of confusion and time to determine that the attack came originally from Iran, does anyone really believe Obama - or any American or world leader will sign off an a nuclear attack against anyone?


This is simply a ploy by Obama to try and ease Jewish fears of a nuclear Iran because he knows that he has no alternative but to accept Tehran as a nuclear force. Certainly this is the case after all his hyperbolic pronouncements have led to nothing more than white flag across the bow.

Well, Obama may be easily fooled. But I would like to believe that Jerusalem is less naive.

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