Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wow, just another day in Illinois politics. While no one should be surprised by allegations of corruption coming out of this state, the details of how deep this corruption runs is stunning. What amazes me even more is the arrogance that Governor Blagojevich has shown in the face of these allegations. I mean, the guy KNOWS that the feds have been looking at Tony Rezko and his dealings with the governor. He knows that the previous governor is doing time for corruption (so therefore, the feds have their radar on).

The Peoria Pundit nails it:

This is how arrogant the man is. All of this stuff happened AFTER it was revealed he was being investigated by the Feds. He knew he was being investigated. He knew this particular prosecutor wasn’t afraid to go after a sitting governor.

The sense of arrogance, the sense of entitlement, the sense of invulnerability that were revealed in this indictment is simply astonishing. If half of this is true, Blagojevich might just go down in history of the most corrupt Illinois politician ever.

And the really sad part? If the election were being held today, he’d win because we just don’t care beyond what’s in it for us.

That's the sad truth. How else do you explain it when Ted Stevens wins (well, almost wins) re-election in Alaska, after he was handed a seven-count indictment for alleged false statements about home renovations? How else do you explain Louisiana representative William Jefferson after federal agents said they found $90,000 in alleged bribe money hidden in his freezer?

We have public servants left and right who deserve jail time (or worse) running our country, but as long as they bring home the local bacon, we just keep on re-electing them.

Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick. Robert Byrd and the KKK. Then we have the Judicial Watch top 10. Yet time and again, we send these people right back to their jobs without a second thought.

I've always been amazed that an athlete can not play a game without constant drug tests. Yet have we ever checked the urine of one of our elected officials?

My guess is that in the case of Governor Blagojevic, a drug test may be a good idea. I mean, he can't really be THAT stupid, can he? It must be drugs.

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And we do get the government we deserve.