Monday, January 19, 2009

Every so often in the mainstream media, we see someone make sense. This is compared to the almost cult-like worship of Barack Obama and the inexcusable moral equivalence between those who long for death (Islamic Supremacists) and those who celebrate life (Israel).

Here are a couple of articles I have found that clearly show someone understands:

Why the Israeli people have finally had enough -- The Independent of Ireland

The Lies of Gaza -- New York Post

I was listening to a talk radio program today and the host asked his guest if he wished Obama much success. I was struck by the man's answer. He said, "no, I really don't." When pressed, he responded, "Barack Obama has a vision for this country that I do not agree with. If he is successful in turning this country into his vision, it will - in my opinion - weaken this great nation tremendously. Why would I wish he were successful at that?"

I understand his point. However, wishing Obama well can be taken in different ways. I do with the President-Elect well and I am cautiously optimistic about the next four years. However, if - as the man on the radio fears - he changes this country from President Reagan's vision to President Carter's, then I wish him absolute failure.

But I do wish him good health and I hope he is more motivated by the greatness of the office than he is the rhetoric of his campaign.

More importantly, I hope that just because he is the first African-American President - which in itself is a remarkable feat - he is not judged on his color. In other words, the press must not allow the fact that his ascension is so historic to allow the man free reign unchecked. If you listen to the talking heads at MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC and most everywhere else in the mainstream media, you would hardly believe he is a man at all, but a god.

President Obama will not solve everyone's problems. He will not make sure you have gas in your car, or that your electricity stays on. That isn't the job of the President. Unfortunately, so many people have fooled themselves into believing that he can walk on water and can solve all our problems that I fear there will be many people who will be so disillusioned that they may never recover.

I'm not really sure when we went from a nation that believed we could do anything as long as government stayed out of the way to a nation that now relies on government to bail them out of everything. We should remember that every time we ask the government to help, we become less free as a society. There are those among us who believe it would be better if we followed the European model more closely. But why would anyone want to?

Have you looked at Europe today? By removing religion from Europe, they have left a huge void which is now being filled remarkably well by Islamic Supremacy. It is no coincidence that even in Amsterdam, a place where everything was allowed is now falling under the thumb of a rapidly growing fundamentalist Muslim minority.

What will Europe look like in 25 years? Is that really what we want for this country?

It seems to me that so many people in this country are completely lost and/or ignorant to reality. How else can you explain an organization like "Queers for Palestine." Israel - while they have a religious minority which does not believe in Gay rights - is this the most tolerant and open society in that part of the world. Yet these idiots have no idea that should the Palestinians control their land, they would be executed without hesitation.

Do they not know this? Or do they not care? They are lost and they are confused. They are confused because for the last 6 years (and probably much longer) the media has constantly lied to them and told them who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Individually, they would have no idea. But the MSM has been completely complicit in making and/or breaking the people they want, regardless of the truth.

The Gaza incursion proves this. No other country in the world would be held to such ridiculous standard as "proportional response." Yet, when it is widely known that Israeli soldiers call the homes that they are about to attack to have the civilians leave (to save their lives), they are still called the "aggressor" when Hamas sends the women and children back in to serve as human shields. As Mort Zuckerman so eloquently stated in the U.S. News and World Report, "The only thing Hamas likes better than dead Israelis are dead Palestinians."

Yet all we see from the major news sources around the world is the "aggressive" Israel and the "poor" defenseless Palestinians. When there is a pro-Hamas (well, really it's a anti-Jew) protest in the streets of London, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale and in many other cities, it's always the same groups - militant Muslims, anarchists, militant feminists and communists. But if you watch CNN, you would think it's real people from each town.

The MSM has made a mockery of their profession and I believe are the reason why the world is as crazy a place as it is. By outright lies, moral equivocation and suppressed history, they alone have caused more damage to this country and the world than anything George Bush could ever have hoped to do.


fsuogm said...

Hi, this is pretty off-topic, but here goes. My name is Rivka, and I used to baby-sit your kids before you left Dallas. I found this blog through the wonders of Google. I've been thinking about you guys recently and had a question for your wife. Is there any chance you could pass along my email address to her?

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Hi Rivka, I would send her your email address except you didn't give it to me. Please send me an email at and I'll be sure she gets it.

Atomic Lib Smasher said...

Great post and a lot of thought put into it, Shane. Especially how the gay liberals would rather defend a theocratic regime like Palestine (or Iran) than one that embraces freedom like Israel (or the US for that matter)

I checked ya out through V the K, but I'd appreciate it if ya can check out my blog too at

Here's hoping to a 4 years Obama does little to nothing. lol