Thursday, January 22, 2009

I read an interesting article today by Jonathan Mark, the Associate Editor of the (New York) Jewish Week. Here is a bit:
Why Doesn't Anyone Dare Say It?

The first rule of pride is this: When they run you out of town, walk like you're leading the parade.

I'll give Israel this: When international pressure got to be too much, Israel left Gaza as if it was Israel's bright idea, "a unilateral ceasefire."

In truth, Israel surrendered. It is "surrender" if you leave with Hamas rockets still flying into Israel, and with Gilad Shalit remaining in his private Auschwitz. Imagine how Shalit was tortured these past three weeks. Imagine being his parents. If this Gaza operation even resembled a success, Israel could have said, OK Hamas, we'll stop devastating your neighborhoods and killing your so-called civilians in exchange for two things: The rockets have to stop, and Shalit comes home.

What we see is that Hamas wasn't all that devastated; if they were, they'd have taken the deal.

Instead, Israel quit, like Roberto Duran not coming out for the next round, "no mas," throwing in the towel.

We know that Israel lost because Hamas set the terms: The rockets do not stop; Shalit stays where he is.

He's absolutely correct. Prime Minister Olmert and Foreign Minister Livni wanted everyone to believe that Israel ended the incursion on it's own terms. Unlike the failed war in Lebanon, these incompetent leaders figured the reason they failed so dramatically last time was because after the battle ended, Hezbollah was not only still standing, but claiming victory. To these idiots, victory is not won when you defeat your enemy, it's won when someone says they've won.

Had Hitler known that, we'd all be speaking German today.

Please read this article in full here.

Like many people, I was very upset to hear the chorus of boos accompany President Bush when he walked to the podium during the Obama inauguration.

For 8 years, he has been subject to the most baseless, foul, derogatory and often obscene abuse ever shown to an elected official of this country. Never in my life - and this includes the Nixon years - have I ever witnessed such a burning hatred and unhinged anger. While some of my lefty friends scoff at the notion, I have no doubt in my mind that the Bush Derangement Syndrome is very real.

But suddenly, as Barack Obama becomes President, we have been told that to criticize our new President in "unpatriotic" and in some cases "unethical."

Sorry, you can't have it both ways. Obama's election is truly an historic occurrence and anyone who is older than 45 (I just make it) remembers what it was like for Blacks, especially in the south. While I have always felt any minority should be able to rise to the office of President, I wasn't sure it would happen in my lifetime. I am very proud of my country for the fact it has.

However, being an historic figure and being a good President are not one in the same. As I alluded to the other day, I fear that the vast majority of Obama worshippers (and you know who you are) are going to wake up one day and realize that Obama is not going to keep your electricity running and he's not going to make sure your car works.

The expectations that these people - and Obama himself is somewhat to blame - can not be realized by any President. That is not his job. But in the land of Obama mania, he isn't just a President. He is on par with G-d and the Messiah.

It occurred to me why so many leftists have embraced this "cult of Obama." Because we are human, we have an inherent need to have meaning in our lives. Many people discover that meaning through religion. Of course, when I say they find meaning this way, I am talking about those who are deeply religious - not those who "say" they are but only say so out of convenience.

Liberalism does not accept devout belief in G-d. To most liberals, G-d is not the omnipotent, but merely a guide (if even that). Human kind is the center of the universe and how each individual justifies their devotion to G-d is based on each person's own personal morality.

Devoutly religious people do not feel this way. To them, G-d is not just a guide, but the center of the universe. They do not justify themselves because there is no leeway between right and wrong. Sure, there are a whole host of different practices and commentary. But to the devout, the word of G-d is true and just.

Since man (and woman) have this need for meaning, they must find it for survival. If unable to find it trough religion, they turn inward and find it through liberalism. Now liberalism is not antithetical to religion. But it is to devout belief. That is why Christian-right is conservative and it's why orthodox Jews are predominately conservative as well.

It also explains why so many on the left have embraced Obama as some sort of modern-day Messiah. Finally, the left - who have long felt displaced in the American conversation regarding religion and morality - finally have someone they can rally around. They have taken the same terminologies of the religious (Messiah, "the one") and use it to promote their modern day savior.

The amazing thing is that history is rife with people and societies just like this one and every single one of them (at least in modern times - I can't speak for Biblical times) has ended very poorly. Yet, like sheep being led to slaughter, they do not see what is ahead of them.

Like I said the other day, I sincerely worry about what is going to happen to the millions of Americans (and others in the world who are like-minded) when they realize that Barack Obama is just a man. When they realize that he is not only not the savior, but - as predicted by many of us on the right - he will lead us down a path hostile to the values of Americans and our glorious past.

It may well be that I, along with my conservative friends, will be proven wrong and for my countries sake, I hope I am. But the expectations of our new President are so outrageous, it may well take a Deity to accomplish them.

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Allison Guerriero said...

WOW! This is one of my favorites from you. Let's knock it off with the Bush any of these half-assed liberals who have BDS think THEY could have done even a tenth of what Bush did??