Monday, July 13, 2009

Angry Part II

It really does take a lot to make me angry. Sure, my kids can get my dander up from time to time and, being married for 20 years did make certain moments less than pleasant. But I'm a pretty even-keeled guy. I've had my bouts with depression and certainly, given all that I've gone through health-wise (back surgery, peptic ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, and of course my heart attack/stroke/heart transplant), I can be excused for being somewhat moody at times.

But anger? Not so much.

But there is one thing that will anger me every single time. And that's self-hating Jews.

The terrible shame is many of these self-hating Jews don't even realize that they are self-hating. Take Woody Allen, for example. Most people think of Allen as a brilliant screenwriter and director. Many Jewish people regard him as a fine example of Jewish humor and thought.

But why? Name for me one movie that Allen produced, starred in or acted in where the Jewish character was not some crazed neurotic dweeb?

And this is what we consider a fine example? Ok, maybe he gave a few dollars to B'Nai Brith. But what really has he done to further his religion? In what ways has he set an example for young Jewish minds to emulate? I mean aside from having an affair with his adopted daughter?

But Woody Allen is just one example and as upsetting as he and others like him are, they pale in comparison to a certain group I'm about to tell you about.

I read an article in today's Jerusalem Post, once again I found this link at Weasel Zippers, titled, US rabbis launch 'Jewish Fast for Gaza'. I read this and I felt absolutely sick to my stomach.

This group, Ta'anit Tzedek say they seek "to end the Jewish community's silence over Israel's collective punishment of Palestinians in Gaza."

Well, I have a few problems with this.

For one thing, the Jewish community has never been silent about anything and secondly, by saying we are, it gives the explicit understanding that we are doing damage to the Gazans, which in turn will only serve their purpose towards their ultimate goal of the total annihilation of the Jews of Israel (and around the world).

So why would these "Rabbis" do such a thing?

Well, it could be a case of the Stockholm Syndrome - where they are empathizing with the enemy. But I liken it more to a long-time Jewish trait of self-destruction. We saw it originally in Biblical times when many times, the Egyptians relied on certain Jews to turn their fellow Jews in. They did it at the time in order to curry special favors from their taskmasters.

We saw it during the pogroms, where again, fellow Jews often exposed their own, which led to mass deaths among the Jews in Russia.

And of course, we saw it during the Holocaust. Aside from the Jews were turned their fellow Jews in, many German Jews refused to believe anything could happen to them when Hitler took over. So they stayed and in some cases, even thrived temporarily.

Since 1948, we have seen this play out time after time after time in Israel. And no time was it more apparent than in 1993 - when Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin invited Yasir Arafat back with open arms.

You see, 11 years earlier, under the leadership on Prime Minister Menachem Begun, Israel was forced to clean out the PLO's bases in southern Lebanon. For far too long, Arafat's soldiers entrenched themselves there are consistently used the area as a launching pad for terror acts against the Jews in the north. Finally, Israel had enough (similar to Gaza) and they went in. After a number of days, they had successfully cleaned out the terror cells and actually had Arafat and his henchmen surrounded in the port of Beirut.

Here is where Begun made his worst mistake. Taking a page from King Saul, who hesitated and did not kill Agog, the king of Amalek (although G-d commanded him too), Begun allowed Arafat to escape to Tunisia. Of course, world opinion shifted against Israel when the
Lebanese Christian Militia, a group in alliance with the IDF, broke rank and exacted revenge against the people of Sabra, an Arab village in south Lebanon.

Regardless, Begun let him go. But Arafat never intended to stay away and while in Tunis, he created a government-in-exile. Like Anwar Sadat, Arafat knew he could never hope to defeat Israel militarily. So instead, he played upon Israel's greatest weakness - their desire for peace.

Once he had the right people in the right place -Clinton, Peres and Rabin - he played these delusional fools for the liberal idiots they were. At no time did Arafat ever intend to accept a separate state along with Israel. There were/are so many proofs that I can't spend the time typing them. Let's just say, anyone who firmly believes that the Arab leadership in the West Bank, Gaza or anywhere else, wants anything less than the total removal of the Jews and Israel from the Middle East, is either a lying sack of shit, or is too stupid to breathe.

Time and again, Arafat changed the rules of the game and time and again, Israel was forced to give in. Why? Because if Oslo were ever deemed to be a failure - which it most obviously was - the liberal politicians who put it together would have been thrown out of office, if not thrown in jail.

What I have come to learn is that most politicians - whether liberal or Conservative - their most pressing priority is not the nation, but of getting re-elected. We can can all laugh and say that I'm right. But they're really the one's who are laughing - laughing at you and I for voting them back in over and over again.

I took the everyday Israeli 7 long years to finally accept Oslo was a failure. Those who were against it from the start knew it was destined to fail because all there was was "hope" (sound familiar?).

But the real world doesn't work this way and Utopia is not possible. Hoping that Arafat, or tat the Arabs can change will never make it so. Of course, the same goes for all the "hope" and "change" of the Obama election. Here to, many Americans have simply deluded themselves into believing the unbelievable simply because it doesn't hurt as band as the reality. But when you wake up from your dreams, facing reality is a most painful experience.

So today, we have this group of Rabbis who follow this tried and failed route. And for what reason? Do they really believe they are going to make a positive difference? Are they that stupid to think platitudes towards the Gazans will change their poisoned minds? What planet are these "Rabbis" from?

Unfortunately, these Rabbis can not compete. Every time a Jew pulls a stupid stunt like this, the Arabs understand what it means. It means that they are willing to compromise their beliefs. However, the Arabs are not. To an Arab, compromising their belief is a sign that their belief is weak.

Well I have news for these so called Rabbis. The Arabs are right. Why shouldn't they feel superior? If Judaism really meant so much to these Rabbis, they would never compromise their beliefs in order to placate the Arabs. And that is exactly their rationale for their actions. Oh, they say all the right things and use the right expressions. But that is all bullshit. The sad thing is that they don't realize how full of crap they are. Like all good liberals, their hearts are in the right place but their actions are extraordinarily dangerous.

This is why a Muslim goes crazy when a Koran gets desecrated, but put a Bible in a jar of urine and Christians and Jews call it "free speech." Maybe if we truly believed our Bibles, like the Muslim believe theirs, we would get pissed off too. Maybe these Rabbis should think about why exactly they feel the need to jeopardize their fellow Jews for a fleeting moment of false acceptance.

Don't they realize the very people they are trying to impress are laughing their asses off?

All appeasement and goodwill gestures made to the Arabs do nothing but ultimately lead to the death of more Jews. It's time for these so-called Rabbis to start taking pride in what Judaism is. But I guess if they were proud of what Judaism was, they would never have become Reform/Reconstructionist/Humanist Jews. They are an abomination to true Torah Jews and should never be accepted as a true representation of the Jewish faith.

Once again, liberalism is the religion. Judaism is simply the vehicle. It's enough to make me really angry.


Allison said...

This is great, I learned a lot from this post (well, not a WHOLE lot, we do talk frequently). I wish I couldd articulate these thoughts as well as you do in writing!

I have a lot of makeup work to do reading thiss blog.

Ethan said...

Have you also noticed that everytime there is a Jewish character on TV that their spouse/girlfriend or boyfriend/lover is ALWAYS not jewish? Hollywood thinks just because the celeb jews all date/marry goyim that the real world does too.

More importantly on your self-hating Jews part 2, you go dude! You are 100% accurate. Can you imagine that these Jews have sympathy for these Gazans aka terrorists who if they had a weapon would try to kill you? They have literally lost their minds. Israel has been trying to make peace for years but no one around to take the other end of the olive branch. How do you make peace with people who want to destroy you? They just don't get it and never will. May the moshiach come soon!