Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boy am I angry.

There are a number of reasons for my mood. For one thing, I had to put together a new futon/couch today and it really wrecked my back. Also, my love life is a mess and I have no idea what direction, if any I should take. Thirdly, my twin boys absolutely decimated my bathroom and living room after I spent hours cleaning it up on Friday.

I really do not want to take my mood out on anybody I know and love, so instead I decided to rant against an antisemite who commented on one of my favorite blogs (Weasel Zippers). I usually ignore these trolls, but this lucky idiot had it coming. And even though I laid into him, I know I did no damage to his beliefs. That's the sad part of Jew-hatred. Because it isn't based on anything rational, it isn't easily fixed.

But it's made me think of all the things I hear written and said about Israel and Jews which are so off the mark that they would be laughed out loud if they weren't so believed. Here just one that comes to mind, along with the reason why it's so ridiculous:

1. Israel occupies Palestine

For one thing, the "county" of Palestine is fictitious. "Palestine" was the name of a region of the Ottoman Empire that at one time was the location of the Kingdom of Israel. Prior to 1948, "Palestinians" were Jews and Arabs who lived in that region.

In 1922, the area of Palestine was given to the Jewish people in the Balfour declaration. This act was performed by the British government following World War I. So, although President Obama believes otherwise (in his speech he accepted the Arab claims that Israel was a creation of the Holocaust, which of course, happened 20 years after the Balfour declaration), the entire area of modern day Israel and Jordan were given to the Jews for their homeland.

However, the Arab leaders at the time rejected the idea and after 26 years of constant terrorism - often at the behest of the antisemetic Brits - Israel finally agreed to the United Nations partition of what turned out to be less than 25% of the territory originally given to the Jews.

Of course, the Arabs rejected that as well and went to war to "wipe Israel of the map." The Arab leaders told the few Arabs who lived there to leave and that soon they will take it all back. So they set everyone up in "refugee camps."

Of course, as luck will have it, the Arab armies are and always have been inept. Israel defeated the armies of Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and Syria and forged a nation out of what used to be desert dust.

Over the next 20 years, the Arab armies continued to snipe at Israel and finally, in 1967, they felt they had the manpower to destroy the Jewish state. But Israeli intelligence was too much for them and before they could fire a shot (which they were in the process of doing), the Israeli military wiped out the militaries of Egypt, Syria and Jordan, in just 6 days. In doing so, they liberated the Golan Heights - from where numerous terror attacks emanated from, the Sinai peninsula - which formed a buffer between them and Egypt, and most importantly, Jerusalem and the West Bank (Judea and Samaria). Of course, with liberating Jerusalem - which according to the 1948 agreement was to be open to the Jews and Arabs alike, only to be closed off by Jordan during the 1948 war - they liberated the Western Wall, which is the holiest place of the Jewish religion.

Yet, even in victory, Israel allowed the Arab Waqf to control the Temple Mount and the city was then opened to Jew, Arab and anyone else who wished to live there.

But of course, it was not enough for the Arabs, who although they were firmly defeated, they did not lose gracefully. What followed was another war in 1973 - one that the Arabs started on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. Can you imagine Israel, or any other country fighting the Arabs on their holy days? Remember the backlash Bush received for fighting during Ramadan?

But even after all of it, Israel just wanted peace and finally, Anwar Sadat answered the call and even though he made peace with Israel, he was assassinated for his trouble. Still, Israel never really wanted to occupy anyone and in fact, the Arabs who lived in the territories were offered (and given) full citizenship. Over time, it became apparent that because it was never enough, the Arabs took to the streets and terrorism in order accomplish their homicidal means.

Yet Israel never really took the threat seriously and it lead to the horrible Oslo accords. This agreement allowed Yasir Arafat - a sworn enemy who never gave up his demand for the destruction and annihilation of Israel and the Jews - the opportunity to remake himself into a statesman. Unfortunately, after billions and billions of dollars, thousands of lives and continued terror, all Arafat managed to create was corruption and more death. Not one industry was created. Not one road built and not one sewer pipe laid.

Of course, to the Arabs, Arafat was hero for "doing it" to the Jews. In the mean time, it was the United States and Israel who were bankrolling him. Israeli and American leaders were so vested in Arafat making something in the West Bank and Gaza that he knew no matter what he did, they wouldn't turn their backs.

Finally, in 2000, Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered Arafat everything he asked for. All the land they felt was "stolen" (it wasn't) ad all the money and arms. So what did the 1994 Nobel Laureate do?

He turned it down and started another "intifada."

So then what should Israel do? In order to stop the constant suicide bombings, they built a fence. Of course, the antisemetic press - there and here - went ballistic over Israel's "Apartheid wall." Anyone who can truthfully compare what Israel is doing with what happened in South Africa is either too stupid to breathe, or is an antisemite who only wants to blame the Jews for everything. And yes, being anti-Zionist/Israel IS antisemetic.

The next step was Gaza. Israeli citizens bought the land from the Arabs who lived there (nothing was nationalized without fair compensation, regardless of whatever shit-for-brains Huffington Post basement dweller says). What they did with the land in Gaza was nothing more than a miracle. But instead of supporting their own people, who served really as a buffer between Israel and the Arabs, the Israeli government said "enough" and forced Gaza to be Judenrein (now there's a nice word, huh? Kinda brings back nice memories).

So they pulled out of Gaza and left everything to the Arabs; the homes, the buildings and even the greenhouses. Of course, within a day, the Arabs destroyed the greenhouses and turned what had been an oasis into a mud hole.

And what did pulling out of Gaza and giving the land the Arabs claim was so important to them? Why, it got them a daily barrage a missiles towards the cities of S'dorot and Ashkelon. Every fucking day more and more rockets rained down. Thankfully, most of them miss there mark and the Arabs are damn lucky they do. But the people who are under that barrage wondered why we ever pulled out of Gaza? Before this, these places were enjoying a somewhat normal life. Even the Arab leaders claimed that if we pull out they will only use it as a launching pad.

Yet, once again, Israel felt forced to to do it in order to comply with the wishes of the world. Just like in 1948, 1967 and 1973, Israel was forced to back off. If Israel were losing the wars, would the Arabs have been forced to back off? Of course not. THAT is antisemitism to its core.

So, Israel finally had enough of the daily barrage of rockets and went back into Gaza to flush out those who were launching them. Unfortunately, as we all know, the poor, defenseless Arabs placed all their rockets in the middle of peoples homes and schools - knowing full well any retaliation by Israel would kill innocent lives. Yet, even facing these difficult tasks, Israeli soldiers were extraordinarily careful. They even began calling the households that were targeted, requesting that they leave so not to be hurt. Of course, these lovely Arabs caught on and started sending more and more people, mostly women and children, back into the homes in order to inflict more casualties - and stronger world reaction.

But this idiot I answered today would have nothing of it. To him, and to many in the Obama administration and around the world, little Israel, it's size less than 1/2 of 1% of the Arab world, is the reason the world is a mess. Israel, the nation that has been at the forefront of science, medicine and technology, is the root of all evil.

If Israel just let the poor Palestinians have a home. And what do you call the place they have now? You may call those places "refugee camps" but they are really actual cities.

I said it before and I'll say it again - louder if I have to - anti-Israel IS antisemitism. Forget about what the liberal phonies at JStreet say. Liberalism - at least the liberalism that has been taken over by today's Democrats - is a disease. True liberalism believes in justice for all, as long as it's followed by a rule of law. You may empathize with the underdog, but you must also understand the reasons he's an underdog. Sometimes, it's by his own doing. You can feel bad for him and you can even help him. But you can't make him want to change and you can't blame everyone else for all of his problems.

The problem I have with today's liberals is that they believe it is everyone else's responsibility and not the one person who's responsibility it is. If a man is homeless, by all means help him. But understand why he's homeless. If someone is lazy, don't do the job for him. Don't use your own money to pay for his wants and desires. If you're able to work - WORK. Make something of yourself.

As far as Israel is concerned, stop blaming Israel for being able to create a free nation where the Arabs can not. And just because they can't, don't take away what Israel has built. The fault for the problems in the Middle East is not hard to find. If the Arabs put down their weapons tomorrow, there would be peace. If Israel put down their weapons, there would be slaughter.

EVERYONE KNOWS IT!!! It's time for the world - and you too, Mr. President, to act like it.


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Nicely done sir.

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Thank you. It's just part 1. Stay tuned.

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WOW - I believe you need to follow my lead and take a walk along the lake front and feel the wind on your face.
Yeah for a new futon.
Boo for love life a mess.
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