Sunday, August 30, 2009

Following the Wrong People

There is a failing campaign out there to boycott all the advertisers of the Glenn Beck show on FOX News, Aside from the absurdity of it all, this smacks of Marxist theology. Even though these radicals have managed to strong arm their way into causing certain companies to drop Beck, for the most part, this is a losing proposition. It's becoming increasingly clear - at least to those who have followed the latest Nielsen ratings - that the ore publicity this boycott receives, the higher Beck's ratings become.

It is so ridiculous that had Beck been a liberal talk show host, I would accuse him of starting this boycott himself to generate ratings.

But what is it about Glenn Beck (or Sarah Palin, or any other passionate conservative) that scares liberals so much?

Oh yes, I've heard it all from the left - "Glenn's a crybaby", "Palin wants to de-legalize abortion", "Beck only cares about rich white people" and my favorite "Palin isn't really a woman."

Seriously! People, listen to yourselves. Do you know why you believe these things to be true? Honestly, ask yourself this question - "Have I actually watched and listened to Glenn Beck?" "Have I actually listened to what Sarah Palin has said, or seen for myself what she has accomplished?"

Chances are, most of you have these impressions of conservatives from listening to liberals. You may have watched Katie Couric, when she wittingly edited her interview to make Sarah Palin, a woman thrust into the spotlight so quickly that she faulted a bit in an interview. Or you may tend to think Keith Olbermann is cool because he used to be on Sportscenter.

But these voices in the mainstream media have never been even handed. Much of what you hear - especially the majority of this country who get our news from Jon Stewart or Perez Hilton - is left-wing propaganda to begin with.

All I can ask is that you open your eyes and see what is happening. I'll give you five questions to ponder:

1. Why does Obama have the need for 27 "czars?" Isn't a czar by definition an "autocratic ruler?" Wasn't the Russian ruler the Czar? Is that what this country is trying to emulate?

2. Haven't we been taught, since a very young age, that if you really want to know who a person is, look at those he follows and befriends? Have you ever seen one friend of Obama - whether it be as a child, or as an adult, who was not a radical - or greatly influenced by one?

3. If you are personally $10,000 in debt, how is spending $100,000 more going to make you solvent? Isn't that what Obama is doing to this economy?

4. If universal health care is really the answer, why are Canada, the United Kingdom and a number of other nations strongly considering abandoning theirs?

5. This last question is something you need to consider even more intensley: If humans truly are the cause of global warming, what then caused the globe to warm before man was even on the earth? If "everyone" agrees that climate change is man-made and can be reversed, why are there still so many scientists who disagree? Furthermore, we have always been told that in investigating an issue, follow the money. So why do we ignore it now with Al Gore, and the amount of money he's earning to peddle his "sky is falling" rhetoric?

People, it's time to educate yourselves. It's really time to get your heads out of your asses and begin to understand what is transpiring. As Don Henley said (whether it was about Republicans or not doesn't make a difference), "we get the government we deserve."

Instead of allowing ourselves to be called "hate-mongers", "racists", "right-wing thugs" or "Nazis" by our elected representatives, take a stand and remind them that they work for us, not the other way around. Congress has become so arrogant and self-serving that it has long ago become a joke. They take you for fools because they know when the time comes, Jon Stewart or Oprah Winfrey will make sure you vote for the "right" people.

They are the wrong people to listen to. You don't have to listen to me, either. Just open your eyes. The pain of reality is much, much less painful then the pain we will experience if we don't stop them.

If you have the courage to understand what I mean, I urge you to watch this video:

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