Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Link Extravaganza

Steven Crowder does it again! While I know this is just a small example, does anyone really think this is not indicative of the absolute destructive power of liberalism - keeping in mind the liberal monopoly of the American education system?

Here is another excellent example of the arrogance of the Left -- Steven Chu: Americans Are Like ‘Teenage Kids’ When It Comes to Energy

And here is an example of when liberalism goes up against liberalism -- Arlington: Race a Factor in HOT Lanes

Obviously, the writer never drove in Texas, where you can't go 100 feet without seeing Mexican driving a pickup with 5-10 people in the flatbed. Ok, I know that was a stereotype. But the article is so utterly absurd all I can do is make fun of it.

It's no surprise that this little tidbit didn't make any mainstream news shows (aside from FOX of course). But regardless, Brzezinski is one of Obama's top foreign affairs advisers and this simply is very chilling: -- Zbig Brzezinski: Shoot Down Israeli Planes if They Attack Iran

Who are the racists now? -- Tucson schools create race-based system of discipline

Here is something I posted on Facebook earlier, but it really can not be repeated enough: The United States of America, circa 2009 -- Bath Time Photos Prompt Child Porn Allegations

That's something I really can't blame Obama about. However, the government's need to meddle into every little part of our lives has caused us to all become criminals and guilty until proven innocent. Forget for a moment what this is doing to the parents. Imagine what taking these kids out of their house and separating them from their folks has done to the children!

In a Liberal's Utopia, the parents are insignificant anyway. According to the gospel of the Left, it is the "village" and the government representatives (read: the public school system, the social service agencies) who know best.

Yeah, yeah, I've heard the horror stories that are few and far between. But you know what? For every truly bad parent out there, there are an equal amount of incompetent, unqualified and yes, even criminally negligent government representatives.

Sometimes, the cure is equal to, or even worse than the illness. It makes no sense to take the antidote if it does nothing AND causes you to go broke. But of course, as long as these "do-gooders" are doing something and feeling good about it, why stop?

It really is time to stop doing things for the sake of doing things. Especially when they make things far, far worse.

Lastly, here is an excellent post by my friend, Robert Avrech, that he posted on his site today -- The Jewish Jew Haters

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