Friday, September 25, 2009

Benyamin Netanyahu at the UN General Assembly. This man not only speaks eloquently, he speaks truth from the heart. He is living proof that it takes more than a teleprompter to be a great speaker.

It takes heart and love for what is right and hatred for evil. This, unfortunately, reveals the stark difference between the Prime Minister of Israel and the President of the United States.

"Have you no shame? Have you no decency?"

As Robert Avrech posts on Seraphic Secret:

This is the address that should have been given to the world in 1938.

This is the speech that Obama should have delivered.

Netanyahu is now the world spokesman for Western values, whereas Obama speaks for moral equivalency and the rights of Jew-haters and Socialist tyrants.

Sadly, the nations that needed to hear this are those that refuse to believe it. I'll make a deal with these tyrants, antisemites and denyers; if you can find my grandfather's family - all 11 of his brothers, his parents and his cousins (estimated to be around 80 people) - and you can explain how they all just lived happily ever, I will buy into your theories.

In till then, shut the fuck up and sit down. The world is way too dangerous for all-clowns like Ahmedinajad and his ilk. I am deeply embarrassed that my President feels comfortable - and even compatible - with these animals, while he finds the fact that Jews live in their ancestral home to be "illegitimate."

Why do you suppose Obama won't call the Iranian President "illegitimate?" If you dare tell me that Obama does not believe in meddling in other nation's affairs (as my very liberal boss told me earlier today), then perhaps you can tell me what the hell he's doing telling Israelis where they can live and also telling Hondurans who they can legal have as President.

I find it simply amazing that no matter what Obama does, he is hailed by some as the absolute greatest living legend. I still believe that if he raped a young boy on the White House lawn, guys like Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews would praise his technique.

Listen to yourselves. Listen to Bibi and listen to Obama. After the speeches in the UN, who would you believe is trustworthy? Who is truly acting in his nation's best interests?

I'll give you a hint - it isn't the guy who sat in Church for 20 years listening to speeches decrying the "white man" for inventing AIDS and spreading it in the black community. It isn't the guy who expands the deficit 1,000% higher than all previous administrations and then blames his predecessor for it. And it isn't the man who lied when he said William Ayers - self-proclaimed Marxist and admitted terrorist - was "just a guy from the neighborhood."

Open your eyes. Please. Before it's too late.



The picture you paint of Obama raping a young boy on the White House lawn while Olbermann and Matthews praise his technique...priceless stuff, Shayne. Thanks for that. I do hope, though, that Sean Hannity doesn't turn it up on his daily vitriole search, otherwise it is likely to be reported as actual Fair-and-Balanced news!

S said...

Typical comment from you, K. Ignore what the article is about and the message I am trying to convey, but instead focus on one off-the-cuff euphemistic anecdote instead.

Like I said, typical.


Ah, Shayne, if only you didn't insist on sticking your chin out there in such a petulant, provocative sense...I could just take the chuckles you offer here on your blog and go about my business! Really, I HATE having to lift my hands, but...well, spare the rod and spoil the child, right?

None of this will hurt too much...promise.

First off, I suppose I DID ignore the message you were trying to convey here, but that is only because you are always trying to convey the same message with your political posts, and that message is so one-flat-note that it blurs in the reading (in summary: Obama is evil...Obama is the polar opposite of [insert conservative/Zionist Hero du Jour] and is thus a scourge on humanity and the future...liberal viewpoints and thoughts are not worthy of consideration and should forever be throttled until they turn blue and die...right-wing is the ONLY thing...etc.). Really, Shayne, your writing and your viewpoints really could benefit greatly -- even take on some meaning -- if you would only venture onto turf on which you don't feel well-swaddled and take more than a duck-and-cover look around.

OK. That was the hardest smack I will apply. Like any good parent I feel bad at having to apply it, so the next one will be lighter and more to make a point than for actual disciplinary purposes. Continuing...

The word 'euphemism' is defined as "a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing". If you think paining an image of President Obama raping a young boy on the White House lawn with liberal media personalities commentating on his technique is "euphemistic" I shudder to think of what it is you really wanted to say!

Alright. That is enough. I'm gonna let you slide on the incorrect use of 'anecdote'. I simply don't have it in me to raise my hand again today. Now run off and play, and be more careful next time.