Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Wish

...I was a liberal so everything Obama/Pelosi/Reid said were as true as unicorns.

...that my headaches were done with and only a blip in the road to a life of better health.

...Al Gore were arrested for fraud.

...Chris Matthews would get on medication.

...I wish every politician - whether they be Democrat, Republican or whatever - be forced to wear a lie detector on their body at all times.

...I wish Ronald Reagan were still President. Regardless of the Cold War, I knew I had a President who gave a damn about me and my country.

...I wish no one gave a damn what color the women Tiger Woods messed around with are.

...I wish the Dallas Cowboys would win a playoff game.

...I wish the Texas Rangers would also.

...I wish I didn't fall for women who end up hurting me.

...I wish I could stay home and write all day and not have to stand on my feel 6 hours a day to make a living.

...I wish my original heart worked as advertised.

...I wish I never lifted those musical instruments when I was 20 years old.

...I wish my dad was still around.

...I wish the Arab countries did not control the world's oil supply.

...I wish my kids were happier.

...The Obama election really ushered in a post-racial era, instead of setting race-relations back 100 years.

...I wish newspapers reported the news regardless of ideology. News networks, also.

...I wish people would realize that when the Muslims get angry that the Swiss have banned Minarets, they would realize that churches and synagogues have been banned from Islamic countries for generations.

...there was a limit to how much political correctness we had to endure.

...I wish top 40 music didn't suck so much.

...I wish global warming was actually true, so that it would be 80 degrees today, and not 8.

...I wish more people read Thomas Sowell and Dennis Prager. The world would be far better for it.

...I wish I spent more time with my brother.

...I wish I didn't care so much about certain things.

...I understood why some things only happen to me.


Anonymous said...

Shayne, headaches and all, your brain and thought processes work far better than most. Nickie

S said...

Thanks, Nickie!