Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Okay, here's an update...

1. Glee is my new favorite show. I've been watching all season, but the finale was terrific and left me wanting more. Since I was never a High School Musical fan, I wasn't sure I'd be into this show. But the writing, the acting and the music combined to make this the best new show I've seen in years.

2. I'm feeling considerable better. The doctor has me on a number of different medicines to get my blood pressures back to normal. Unfortunately, one of the meds - Carvedilol - makes me feel woozy (more than normal). The doctor said the side effects should alleviate in a day or two, and I've already had moments of feeling 100%. But those moments have yet to last very long. However, I am beginning to see a correlation between the density of the migraines with my intake of Vicodin. Can my "wonder drug" - one that I've taken for 9 years sans side effects finally coming back to haunt me?

3. Sometimes, we don't see what's staring us straight in the face. I thought I could handle to oddity of a certain relationship. But I guess it takes two to commit to making it work. I did what I could, but I was apparently alone in that task. I think I knew it all along. I just didn't want to know the truth. Well, the truth is it's over and I know that it's for the best long term. In the meanwhile, it hurts like hell.

But, onward and upward, they say. I deserve better and you never what, or who is just around the corner.

4. I have purposely stayed away from politics for the past couple of weeks and apparently, I haven't missed all that much. Let's see, the "Safe School Czar" is embroiled in "Fistgate", Global Warming is now a proven hoax to just about everyone not named Al Gore and the media seems completely satisfied ignoring the first two stories in order to bring us the latest from Tiger Woods and his myriad of floozies.

The more things change....

5. Harry Reid is an idiot.

6. As much as it pains me to say it, my ex-wife was the one who was most there for me while I was sick. I often gave her much of the blame for our divorce (knowing that it does take two to tango). But even though she had to deal with the children and a whole sort of other issues, she never hung up on me and was there to talk when I needed her. I may not wish to be married to her any longer, but I am eternally grateful for her ability to still care about me.

7. Don't ever quote me on #6.

8. Boy, the Cowboys laid a giant egg Sunday (pun intended). Personally,I do not see how they can overcome their monster schedule and still win the East. If they do - and they have suprised me before - then they deserve the division championship. If they don't, then Coach Mike Shanahan is starting to sound awfully nice around Big D.

9. Unless you are a New Orleans Saints fan, no team was luckier than the Texas Longhorns this past weekend. I still believe Colt McCoy is going to win the Heisman Trophy, but boy oh boy, he barely got that chance. Nebraska played a hell of a game and Texas should be thanking G-d right now. But how do you suppose TCU felt at that moment? Here is a school that hasn't held a candle to the "horns for a zillion years, finally sniffing the top two....and once again, the Longhorns take it away in the last second.

It's got to be tough to be a Horned Frog. But I'm rooting for you!

10. Here is another new funny site I've come across. Similar to people of Walmart, this one is called People of Public Transit. Enjoy...

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