Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Excellent point made by Don Surber:

The White House rolled out the cliche of the day: “President Obama inherited unprecedented challenges at home and abroad.”

The Scorekeeper (Surber) guesses that George Washington had a cakewalk in establishing a government or that 11 states seceding as Abraham Lincoln took office was precedented and that Franklin Roosevelt’s inheritance of the Great Depression was no big deal.

President Obama is the ultimate political Drama Queen. The “two” wars he “inherited” were one declared by Osama bin Laden. President Bush decimated al-Qaeda as our troops slaughtered the terrorist group in Iraq. As to the economy, turning a 9% unemployment projection into a 10% reality is incompetence squared.

Surber writes a weekly column for the Charleston (West Virginia) Daily Mail, but he blogs daily under the moniker, The Daily Scoreboard. I'm not sure how I found him (it may have been Doug Ross' blog). But boy I'm glad I did. I'm going to add The Daily Scoreboard to my blog links.

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