Monday, March 15, 2010

Obama's War on Israel -- Part 2

I had a deep conversation with a liberal acquaintance of mine today and it taught me something I guess I should have known. For one thing, liberal-America is still obsessed over George Bush "stealing" the 2000 elections. Forget for a moment that every (including the leftist polls) recount taken showed Bush with the majority of votes. No, that doesn't matter. What matters is that they KNOW the election was fixed.

This came up today because we were discussing Middle East politics. I was interested in his views about my post yesterday (Obama's War on Israel). I often ask people on the other side of the political spectrum about their views on subjects I write about. It helps me formulate my own arguments and sometimes even sways my opinion a bit.

The heart of the discussion was regarding the Obama administration's attack on Prime Minister Netanyahu. I told him I felt it was unfortunate because, aside from Israel having every right in the world to build in their capital, the location in question has long been understood to be part of Israel, regardless of whatever peace deal comes across the table (in fairness to you, this was not a point I made yesterday). His answer was that this was just a smoke screen because in order to appear "neutral", Obama has to throw the Arabs a bone now and then (similar to Reagan's verbal rebuke of Israel for the attack on the Iraqi nuclear site in Osirak, in 1982).

To me, that argument is ridiculous. As I stated yesterday, the Arab leaders aren't stupid (well, not all of them). Furthermore, if it was just Obama blowing smoke up his ass, then why is the Israeli government taking it so seriously?

It's very typical of a liberal mindset to believe whatever they want to believe, regardless of any factual likelihood.

The conversation turned to Iran, and he again felt that Obama "knows what he's doing." What proof he had is beyond me. Regardless, I told him that it wasn't so simple and that in my view, Obama's calculations have been vastly underwhelming.

I'm not certain how the subject changed then, but I mentioned the Reagan doctrine - which was strong support for Democracy, where ever it may take root. I brought up the fact that when given the chance to stand for Democracy in Iran, Obama took flight.

That's when he went into his diatribe about how George Bush "stole" the election in 2000 and because we have "blood" on our hands, we have no right to condemn Iran for their "supposedly" (his words, not mine) stolen election last year.

And there we come to a philosophical difference between conservatives and liberals.

To a liberal, any sin that has ever been committed by the United States (or any individual, for that matter) is immediate cause for dismissal of any good the nation has done - even if the country learned from the mistake and grew from it. For instance - slavery. Because slavery was once an accepted phenomenon here, America can not speak for human rights today - regardless of how horrible an offending nation is. That is why liberals have such disdain for our nation.

Therefore, since we once "stole" an election (regardless of the fact that this "theft" is in the mind of the unhinged left), we certainly can't condemn Iran for doing the same.

I'm sorry, but that is absolutely ridiculous. And it is the reason why the United Nations has become the cesspool it is. Reagan, and conservatives like him, understood the exceptionalism of the United States and of our democracy. Liberals, like Obama, feel that America is simply another country - nothing more special than say, Myanmar.

Does this explain his disregard of our constitutional laws? Well, in his one year in office, he nationalized the auto industry, nationalized the banks and is trying to do the same with health care and the student loan industry. And the approach he and his fellow libs are trying to shove the health care bill down our throats is completely at odds with not just the people, but the constitutional process.

Only someone who feels America is inherently flawed would attempt to remake this country the way he is doing.

Believe it or not, I don't believe the majority of Americans who elected him had even a clue about what his plans were. Those of us on the right, who have educated ourselves before and since the election, are not very surprised. But November is just a few short months away. At that point, the country will send a very loud message to Mr. Obama. Unfortunately, as he has ignored Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts before, he will ignore the results then. But at that time, he will have lost his control of the House, and possibly the Senate as well.

My liberal acquaintance is fooling himself, as many of them do. History has proven them wrong over and over again. It will happen again - maybe as soon as November.

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