Sunday, March 14, 2010

Obama's War on Israel

Do you Democrats still think Obama is a great friend of Israel? If you do, you are beyond delusional and pretty near hopeless.

Let's investigate just the past few days...

Item 1 - Vice-President Joe Biden, after being apologized to by Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu for the timing of the announcement (which he was unaware of himself) that Jews dare to build in their capital, arrives 45 minutes late to a state dinner. At the event, Biden not only claims his tardiness was as punishment (what? Are we 4 years old?) for Israel's announcement, but he used the term "condemn" when speaking of Israel's action.

While that may not seem much to you and I, it was the first time a sitting US President (or his representative) had ever used the "C" word in regard to Israel's building in their own country.

Item 2 - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the most two-faced, non-friend of Israel in my lifetime, rebuked (here is that 4-year-old m.o.) Netanyahu over the same building issues saying that it "undermined trust and confidence in the peace process and in America's interests."

Item 3 - On ABC's Sunday morning talk show (I don't know the name of the show because the last thing I'd watch on TV is the mainstream media's lovefest with all things Obama), David Axelrod, the President's top advisor, said that Israel's behavior is "an affront and an insult."

Really, David? An insult? You mean to say that Jews building in their capital is an insult (and an affront) while Palestinian textbooks calling for genocide against Jews, and molotov cocktails fired against a Jewish man and his infant son aren't? After all, the Arabs have made no secret of their desire to destroy Israel and murder her citizens and yet, not one peep of protest from this "great friend of Israel."

Of course, you wouldn't know about it because the MSM is so up the ass of this sorry excuse of a President that nothing the administration doesn't want talked about will ever be.

Barack Obama sat in Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years. He grew up among Muslims in Indonesia amd he has made no secret of his iffinity for talking endlessly with Islamic leaders who, regardless of his outreach, think him weak and inaffectual. Gee, who would of suspected how right they were?

I do have a theory. My belief is that this current attack by the Obama administration is a calculated ploy to try and defeat the Netanyahu government. For one thing, Bibi's government is Likud, which is aligned on the Right. Nothing would make a leftist happier than speading hs ideology. On top of that, Netanyahu is a strong leader who believes in defense first. Something Liberal Democrats are anathematic to.

Like Caroline Glick, who wrote about Biden's trip in the days leading up to it, I believe that Obama is trying to take a page from Bill Clinton's playbook. In 1997, Netanyahu was the Prime Minister and clearly did not see eye to eye with Clinton. The former President was very close to the late Yitchak Rabin and when Bibi's election threw out Labor (after Oslo proved to be a complete idiotic disaster, the left was overthrown), Clinton decided it was his responsibility to make right, where he felt was wrong.

The difference is that this is not 1997 and Obama is no Bill Clinton. When Clinton maneuvered Bibi out, he was a very popular President and many Israeli's still held out hope that Arafat and the Palestinians could be a partner in peace.

But 13 years of death and destruction, plus the Israeli people seeing and hearing the propaganda coming out of the PA - in addition to the disaster of giving back Gaza, has left the citizenry quite fed up with Arab betrayals and false promises. This time, the people of Israel are fully behind their Prime Minister and, if recent polls are a guide, not the least bit impressed with the American President - whom only 6% believe is a true friend of the Jewish people.

So in this calculation - like most of Obama's - is quite wrong and will not only cost him in regards to Mideast peace, but in credibility amongst the players in the region.

Obama seems to believe that regardless of right or wrong, picking on Israel will win him friends in the Middle East. In some cases that may be true. But in the grand scheme of things, more Arab leaders are afraid of Iran, and their nuclear ambitions, then they are of Israel. Furthermore, regardless of the extreme rhetoric coming out of the Islamic world, many leaders understand that without Israel's strength, the mad mullahs of Iran will run roughshod over the region.

And what exactly is the argument over? 1,600 apartments? Oh, pul-eeze. Israel won the territory it is "occupying" in a defensive war against a neighbor hell-bent on her annihilation. Like every other time throught history, Israel won the right to annex the land (see: Texas, California, et al) and did so. The fact that the pan-Arabists who control the United Nations don't like it, well too bad. Obviously, nothing Israel ever does will be accepted by those wanting her removal from the face of the earth.

In fact, the worst think the Israeli government ever did was give creedence to the PLO's claim to the West Bank. Once Israel accepted the notion that the Arabs deserved a home there, the Muslims knew it was over. Islam believes that nothing is above the Koran and the religion. Unfortunately, Jews aren't so arrogant. So when a Muslim sees that a Jew will set aside his beliefs for the greater good, they see that as "proof" that theirs (Israel's) is a "lesser" religion.

In conclusion, this tactic by Obama, Biden, Axelrod and whomever else they dig up, will fail. And it will fail miserably. This health care fiasco by Obama is showing that he is no longer considered omnipotent. The very fact that the Democrat leadership is considering passing this legislation via the "Slaughter rule" (which is most likely unconstitutional anyway) only shows how badly the American people don't want this. Democrat congressmen understand that if they pass this they will be slaughtered in November. I mean, if "everybody wants this," as Nancy Pelosi recently said, why do they have to push it through illegally?

Furthermore, with the exception of a limited few, the Senate and the House are strongly pro-Israel. If you paid any attention to the goings on this past weekend, not many (I counted none) came out in support of Biden's and Axelrod's condemnations.

Of course, I could get biblical also and remind you of a very famous passage from Genesis 12:3, where the Lord says that He "will bless those who bless the Jews and curse whoever curses the Jews."

I realize Liberalism trumps any belief in G-d. But don't think for a moment that this promise has not played out time and time again. There is a reason we, as a people, have survived every attempt to destroy us. We survived Romans, the inquisition, the Russian pogroms and the Holocaust. And we're not only still here, we are stronger than ever.

Let that be a lesson to Obama.

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Southern Wolf said...

Well said. It is a damn shame the US has so insulted Israel.