Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Thuggery against Israel

I've written many words regarding President Obama's reaction to the Israeli announcement that they approved housing extensions in Jerusalem. But to be honest, as much as I've known his displeasure at anything a Likud leader does, I really didn't expect this:

Binyamin Netanyahu humiliated after Barack Obama 'dumped him for dinner

Aside from the obvious anti-Israel slant London's Times Online notoriously has, the headline and story are unmistakable. Obama's treatment of Netanyahu - not just a visiting Head of State, but of a close American ally - is beyond the pale. It is disgusting, immoral and extraordinarily childish. Well, coming from this President, that really doesn't say too much.

In order to understand the depth of this issue, let's look back at the undisputed facts as they took place over the past few weeks, which led up to this shameless act.

The area in question, which Obama is supposedly angry with is called Ramat Shlomo. This neighborhood, which has stood since 1993 - on land that was not the site of any previous Arab community - was never considered a part of any agreement to give to any future Palestinian state.

That's point number one. To compare apples to apples, imagine the United States agreeing to return the border cities of Texas back to Mexico, and then Spain telling the US they couldn't build any housing in Dallas.

The second point, and the one most glaring - if you are truly righteous in your belief of human rights - is thus:

Even in the infinitesimal chance that this area were to be given (certainly, given would be the right word, since under no circumstance do they deserve it on their own accord), why is it illegal to build Jews home on property that legally belongs to them.

And here is where I have the biggest issue (and you should to). Currently, in the State of Israel, 17% of the population is Muslim. These Muslims have full voting rights. As citizens, they have the right to work where they want, to congregate where they want, to elect whatever leaders they want. They receive outstanding health benefits and all the wonderful things allowed in a free society.

Legally, no one can tell a Muslim in Israel where he may, or may not live. In fact, in the cases where a Jew did make such warnings, the courts overwhelmingly side with the Muslim. But the reason is not out of pity for the "poor, oppressed" Arab. But because that is the law of a free society.

In "Palestine" - or at least in what the Arabs hope will be (not including the whole of it they wish to conquer) - or in any other Islamic state, Jews are either completely forbidden, or at the very least treated as third-class citizens (no ownership, no freedom of movement and forced to pay a jizya).

What is it about Barack Obama that makes him believe that a Jew can not build on land he owns in the capitol of the Jewish State?

Is it arrogance? Anti-semitism? Or is it simply an excuse to embarass Netanyahu because, unlike himself, he is not a left-radical?

What really is Obama's plan?

Well, based on the overwhelming support Bibi has received from both Houses of Congress, and also based on the latest Jerusalem Post poll - where belief that Obama is a friend of Israel's is below 10% (regardless of Ha'aretz' outrageous claims to the contrary), it's clear that whatever it is Obama is attempting is backfiring.

On the other hand, what it has done is embolden Arab intransigence. Immediately following Vice President Biden's snub, as well as Hillary Clinton's vile remarks, Arab thugs began throwing rocks and wreaking havoc in the tiny country. Of course, this also could have been part of the plan. Certainly, an experienced (and grown-up) President would have known how easily the flame of violence explodes in that region. If, as many of us expect, Obama's objective is to force the leftward movement of the Knesset (which has always been the goal of leftist governments throughout history), then I'm afraid our Dear Leader has make a terrible miscalculation.

For one thing, Bibi Netanyahu is no rookie leader. He's seen these kinds of shenanigans in the past when he was Prime Minister during America's Clinton years. In addition, with each act of defiance against Obama, he improves his nation's belief in his abilities. As long as Obama is seen as an enemy, Bibi will continue to look strong in his face.

But forget politics for a moment. What we should all be focusing in is what is right. Israel has every right to build within her own borders. Jews have every right to build on land they own. And Obama - while he is the President of Israel's ally - is not the President of the Israeli people.

You know, it's simply astounding that Obama can be seen laughing it up with the likes of thugs, like Hugo Chavez. He has spent an enormous amount of time kissing the ass of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He has made no secret of his burning desire to treat our enemies (and the enemies of freedom) with love, respect and perhaps a little tongue (sorry, couldn't resist). But when it comes to friends and allies, he treats them as if he owns them.

As a Jew, I am deeply embarrassed that my President acts in such a way to my people. As an American, I'm ashamed. I know there are many liberal Jews who believe Obama can do no wrong. But they are so completely off balance, it makes little sence to even try to convince them otherwise. But for them, I wish to remind them of this:

In Biblical times (well, we are about to celebrate Passover, so they all will be reading the story of what happened), there were many Jews who decided to follow Korach, instead of Moses. They were the ones who policed the Jews for Pharaoh, and the taskmasters. They did this in order to protect themselves, at the expense of their fellow slaves. During the Holocaust, there were many Jews who defied their communities and spied for the Nazis as well.

Now, I am not trying to compare liberal Jews with Nazi sympathizers. But my point is that throughout history, Jews have often been their own worst enemy. I'm not really sure why many Jews don't see the damage unchecked liberalism can do to a society (just like unchecked conservatism). Unfortunately, out of some ancient need to be accepted, we stoop to believe that if we just shut up and act like everyone else, they will be accepted and acceptable.

Good luck with that.

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