Saturday, March 27, 2010

I have a new hero.

I caught a clip from MSNBC the other day, where host David Shuster talked to Kevin Jackson, an outspoken African-American conservative. Here is the video:

I was impressed, and inspired by Jackson, that I decided to do a little follow-up work and find out who he was. This led me to his website, The Black Sphere.

Wow. Of course, I'm well familiar with the liberal dialogue that says "Blacks who support the Right are Uncle Toms and sell-outs." Don't believe me? Just ask Jesse Jackson, and the Congressional Black Caucus.

So here is Kevin Jackson, a black conservative. Like Condeleeza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele and thousands of other African-Americans, he has decided to actually stand up to the liberal group-think and has become a successful author of a book, "The Big Black Lie" that deals with how liberalism (and the Democrats) have destroyed the black community (and continue to do so). I just ordered the book myself. It's a first-hand account from someone who has lived it.

Anyway, I wanted to share Mr. Jackson's latest blog post, which is not only informational, but again, inspiring:

Democrats Lawyer Up

If you don’t have enough proof that a black voice of Conservatism is needed today more than ever, look at what just happened since the boy who would be king has usurped America! Despite the protestations of the majority of the people, we got Deathcare, and they used black Democrats to make it happen!

The real first black president Bill Clinton couldn’t do pass it. He even used his wife, Hillary “I Don’t Feel No Way Tired[1]” Rodham-Clinton in an attempt to cajole black people to support DeathCare. But black people were having no part of HillaryCare, despite her invocation of Rev James Cleveland or Bill’s supposed witnessing of black churches being burned, when he was a mere child. All the religious imagery did nothing to sway black Democrtas to support DeathCare during The Clintonista Era – Part I.

Has DeathCare changed? They shifted a few things here and there, move this to that and what not. But at the end of the day ObamaCare is just HillaryCare in a new Italian suit. And it translates to DeathCare regardless of the author, so it means means fewer doctors delivering sub-par medical care to the fewer people. CastroCare!

Regardless, this time DeathCare sold…sort of! Which brings me to just how Amerika got DeathCare, and who was the Liberals “Deliverer.” (Hint)

One of my friends, Lloyd Marcus calls Obama “the Progressives’ black Trojan horse” in a very well written piece. That depiction of Obama is spot on accurate! Who better than to propagate the continuation of Democrats’ destruction of the black population and America as a whole, than a pseudo black man riding in on a Trojan horse?!

Margaret Sanger recommended using black preachers, back in the day when she proposed The Negro Project[2]. The Dems did, and it worked well into the old millennium. Through the use of a few black preachers, the Democrats all but erased their unbelievably dismal record on civil rights, and in a stroke of sheer genius, flipped it onto the Republican Party—the TRUE party of civil rights! Democrats of yore used black men of God to sell black people back into slavery. BRILLIANT…if you’re a “Progressive,” not so good for black people.

However the game changed on those wiley Dems. Black people, previously staunch Conservatives, became infected with the disease of Liberalism. Family values were abandoned, education was not stressed. Black churches eroded into political pulpits, where the discussion was less about God, and more about the next White or Black Political Hope! Churches became dens of trickery, parading white Democrat politicians in front of eager black minds–eager to get something for nothing, the Liberal way. White politicians promised to give black people “just enough to quiet them down, but not enough to make a difference.[3]” They fulfilled that promise.

God left the black church, when the church decided Government was their new god. This marginalized the black “ministers,” and the Democrats needed a new strategy…a better mousetrap as it were. Why use a few slick black hucksters posing as men of God, when you can have a Godless LAWYER!

The fact that he is “light-skin with no Negro dialect (unless he needs it)[4]” is just icing on that German pseudo-chocolate cake! The day of the bouffant hairdo preacher ended, and the slick big city pseudo black attorney was en vogue!

The black Progressive Trojan horse now known as Barry “Barack Obama” Soetoro started out running on popularity, but his real role was to lawyer up! Yes, America got beaten by a team of lawyers, led by one of the most corrupt lawyers on the planet, so much so that he and his wife no longer practice law. Some believe they CAN’T anymore.

It gets better. Barry Soetoro is not just a lawyer. If that were the case, they could have found just about any light-skin with no Negro dialect Negro to parade in front of America. No, Barry is the Holy Grail for Progressives. He is also a race-baiting elitist! Think about it. He can appoint Black Nationalists, and nobody on the Left says a word. Why wouldn’t white Liberals be appalled? Because appointing Black Nationalists provides fuel to controlling black people, Silly!

“Oo, I love me some Van Jones! And he won’t take nothin’ from no white folks. And Mark Lloyd is gone git us some money, and git those CEOs out of they jobs, so we can run some companies!”

Here’s the wrap:

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Republicans remain the party of civil rights and Democrats are still slave owners. We find ourselves in a similar situation as in the mid 1800’s, and nothing has changed. This is why I call the year 2010, Emancipation II – This time even the white folks get freed. Freedom will again come by the hands of a Republicans. This time it may be a black Republican who is America’s new Superman!

Black Republicans will be called on to stem the tide of Liberalism in black communities, or Democrat will continue to use black people to pass legislation that will not help black people or anybody else for that matter. Democrats have watered-down health care, just like they watered-down black people past and present.

Democrats recognized that black pastors couldn’t get it done during the Era of the Clintinistas, so this time they “lawyered up!”

That’s my rant!

Liberals love to call conservatives "racists." But history has proven over and over again that it's the Democrat Party that has it's ties to deep-seated racism. All the "social-engineering"in the world can't hide the fact that it still runs rampant in the left. Yes, I know that Rep. John Lewis alleges that someone called him the "N" word. But for one thing, there has been no proof. In today's cell-phone camera word, you'd think someone would have heard it. That's why Andrew Breitbart has offered a $10,000 reward for evidence (and why there hasn't been any takers). It's an old liberal trick to create phony outrages as a play for victimhood.

I'm not saying some member of the tea-party movement isn't a closet racist. There are crazy people everywhere. But the Democrats have created this lie - swallowed by the leftist media - that conservatives are racists and fear-mongers. When in reality, it's just the opposite. I believe in psychology we call that "projecting."

Let me put it in the simplest of terms. Y'all remember the old adage about teaching someone to fish, don't you? It goes like this:

"If you give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. But if you teach him to fish, he'll eat for life."

Well, at least until Obama comes along and makes private fishing illegal. Yes, I know that this was not exactly what he meant, but sometimes I do have to play for laughs.

Anyway, my point is, what Obama - and statists, such as himself, wish to do is give away the fish that other's have caught. This is what all these social programs - most notably President Johnson's "Great Society" - was all about. While it is charitable to want to help people, it is malevolent to do so in a way that destroys ones ability to do for himself.

Conservatives do not want to turn their backs on those less fortunate. Far from it. We just understand that, for one thing, charity should not be coerced. And regardless of what liberals say, Conservatives are more charitable than they are.

Look, I know from what I speak. I have often been in need from others and believe me, it is the worst feeling in the world. So why would I want to bestow that feeling to millions of unfortunate others? Yes, there are people who need. But constantly giving and giving and giving (and I don't mean to the old and the infirm), we are sucking the life and liberty from individuals.

Remember that poor woman who claimed on Election Day that now that Obama was elected, she won't have to pay for her mortgage? Do you honestly believe she was a lone wolf?

It's very easy to get elected when you promise people something for free. But someone has to pay for it. Unfortunately, the black community has been paying for it with their children and their blood. And the hands soaked in red belongs to the Democrat Party.

Heroes like Kevin Jackson understand this.

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