Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol Tuesday

Since I've gotten such an outstanding response to my entertainment posts, I figured I would return to blogging American Idol live.

Tonight was the annual "country night," this time featuring the music of Shania Twain. While Shania has been a very popular artist, she really hasn't been heard from much lately. Therefore, I fear most people watching the show will probably be unaware of much of the music that will be performed tonight. That is a serious disadvantage to the bottom rung of the competition. They will have to have, as Simon calls it, a "moment" in order to make any headway into the top two or three. If anyone has an advantage, it will be Aaron, who already has a country twang.

I'll post my top 5 over the weekend, as usual. But until then, here are my thoughts as I watch tonight.

1. Lee Dewyze -- Still the One

I was a bit concerned when Lee began his rendition of the Shania mega hit. He first sounded as if he was starting off key. However, it soon became evident that he was simply changing the tune up a bit. He also seemed to strain a bit when he hit his higher notes, but because of his passionate vocal style, he used that to hos advantage and performed a terrific song. --- B+

2. Michael Lynche -- It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing

Big Mike really is a big teddy bear sometimes. He connected very well with the ballad and he sang it with conviction and emotion. The judges agreed with what I was thinking, in fact - that he was reminiscent of Luther Vandross. I disagreed with Simon on the "wet" comment. After all, it was written by a woman. All in all, Mike did about as well as I've seen him. --- B+

3. Casey James -- Don't

Down to his acoustic guitar, Casey exhibited that same vulnerability that earned him so much praise a couple of weeks ago, when he performed "Jealous Guy." It was the perfect song for him to do and he didn't exceptionally well. It was worth another listen. I don't know if he is top 2 material, but he certainly put himself back in the competition. --- A

4. Crystal Bowersox -- No One Needs To Know

Crystal is clearly the most consistent performer on the show. Not once has she had a poor performance. While tonight was no exception, I was not as impressed as I was a week ago. The song is a sweet ditty, but a bit forgettable (geez, Simon just agreed). I also noticed she struggled to keep her breath this time around. It just didn't seem to connect as well as her other songs. But in her defense, she isn't a country singer and did her best. --- C+

5. Aaron Kelly -- You've Got a Way

Another slow song from the resident teenager. I was very concerned that since he seems to always go for the slow stuff, this would be a mistake. But boy did he surprise me tonight. With tremendous passion and emotion, Aaron may have performed his best one yet. Very well done. --- A-

6. Siobhan Magnus -- Any Man of Mine

Finally, someone actually went country tonight! While it wasn't her best vocal, the song allowed Siobhan to open up her higher range and invite the audience to party with her. I thought her lower register was a bit weak and her scream at the end tailed off a bit. But of course, that's what makes her so special. She was the only one tonight to perform the "woman of country righteous angst" that artists like Shania and Carrie Underwood have brought back to life. --- A-

Overall, I was impressed with the contestants tonight and thoroughly enjoyed the show. After thinking about it, I believe tomorrow night's bottom three will be Michael, Aaron and Casey - with Michael Lynche's Idol dreams coming to an end. However, it would not suprise me if Crystal also sees the bottom three, since many people will feel she's safe and not vote for her this week. Of course, that could happen to Lee and Siobhan as well.

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